2016 S1 Results R13

Thursday 19/05/2016

Clownfish 18 def by Ducks 30
Brett 10, Ron 20

The Nuts 40 def Beached Az 34
Jemma 18, Sam 16

Sharks 46 def Pink Pirates 40
Kyrin 16, Nick 23

Brothers 40 def Sea Snakes 26
Lisa 16, John 10

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

With the Finals in sight, a number of Regulations become relevant. For example, as described in Section 3.4, a player must be registered and have played with a team at least 3 games before he/she is allowed to play for that team in the Finals, unless prior arrangements have been made with the opposing team(s) and the Board. If a forfeit occurred, all players registered at the time of that game will be considered as having played that game.

Round 14 next week, which will be the last regular round before the start of the finals.

2016 S1 Results R12

Thursday 12/05/2016

Beached Az 46 def Sharks 38
Sam 28, Ellie 22

Clownfish 18 def by Brothers 42
Brett 6, Kath 18

Ducks 36 def Pink Pirates 20
Ron 16, Nick 14

Sea Snakes 20 def by The Nuts 46
John 8, Tony 24

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

This week we’re having a look at the Corner Throw-In (S. 12.5). Obviously, the corner is awarded when the ball goes over the baseline when last touched by the defending team, but perhaps less obvious is what ‘over the baseline’ means. The baseline side of the pool has a black line (somewhat underwater) and the ball is considered to be out of play when the majority of the ball has passed that line.

Any player on the attacking team can take the Corner Throw-in from the pool corner on the side nearest to where the ball crossed the goal line. The player taking the corner is counted as one of the maximum 2 players of that team allowed in the 2 meter area. Once the player is in place, the umpire will blow the whistle and raise the arm to signal that the corner may be taken. Like regular free throws, you may swim with the ball (at which point the umpires will call ‘Play On!’, pass the ball (obviously keeping in mind the max 2 in the key rule) or attempt to score directly from the corner throw-in.

In cases where it’s unclear who last touched the ball, players are encouraged (and often do, which is great to see) to let the umpires know they touched the ball last. If however it cannot be determined, a neutral ball is awarded to the team whose turn it is to receive the neutral ball. Note, that normal Neutral Ball rules (S. 13) apply, so that means that if the attacking team receives the Neutral Ball, they do not have to take a corner but can take it from the spot the ball went out. As with Neutral Ball situations though, the player may not score from it and has to pass first.

2016 S1 Results R11

Thursday 5/05/2016

Brothers 44 def Ducks 30
Lisa 16, Kyle/Ron each 8

Sharks 30 def by The Nuts 40
Ellie 12, Jemma 20

Sea Snakes 35 def by Beached Az 50
John 14, Alyce 18

Clownfish 42 def Pink Pirates 32
Brett 16, Nick 18

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

All fill-ins (both new and existing players) should be written onto the score sheet in the fill-in sections of the sheet; not into the team’s list of registered players. You should then, in the FILL-IN section, circle Y or N indicating whether the player is registered with another team or not, so the duty team knows whether their goals will count.

As outlined in Section 3, new players will not be added to your team list until the captain updates the team registration sheet and submits it to Kyle and Dave. If a player is not registered (which must be done after playing 3 times with the team and to play finals), the player will be considered a fill-in and not be eligible for Top Scorers and Best & Fairest points.

2016 S1 Results R10

Thursday 28/04/2016

The Nuts 54 def Clownfish 27
Tony 28, Brett 13

Pink Pirates 37 def by Sea Snakes 42
Jen/Clinton each 14, John 22

Beached Az 52 def Brothers 44
Sam 26, Mitchell 20

Ducks 36 def by Sharks 38
Cole/Carrie each 10, Ellie 12

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Section 15 contains rules regarding a wide variety of minor fouls that you are encouraged to become familiar with. Two of its sub-sections, 15.2 and 15.3, talk about “positional advantage”.

In other words, the use of the pool environment or another player to gain an unfair positional advantage. So actions like holding on to, resting or pushing off from the goal, its fixtures, the sides, ends or bottom of the pool, or another player.

Common examples are players resting by holding onto the edges of the pool, standing on or pushing off the underwater pool ledges and pushing off the wall when trying to push a player out of the way (“but he/she was pushing me first” is not a good defence😉 ).

As you can see, that includes ‘resting’. While this is often allowed by the umpires, as there are often more important things going on during the game that require attention, it’s still considered an unfair advantage and you can be asked to stop hanging onto the edge.

There are some exceptions of course, where the umpire may give permission (explicitly or implicitly) for a player to hold onto the goal or sides of the pool in the event of injury or illness. The most common example here is cramp.

If the injury/illness is serious the player should try and make his/her way out of the pool preferably via the interchange area, but if that is not possible then simply the side/back of the pool is acceptable as well. This similarly applies for returning to the water, which of course should always be done with care.

2016 S1 Results R9

Thursday 21/04/2016

Pink Pirates 44 def by Beached Az 53
Nick 30, Sam 23

Sea Snakes 24 def by Ducks 46
John 12, Andrew 16

Brothers 22 def by The Nuts 62
Mitchell 8, Tony 36

Sharks 42 def Clownfish 30
Ellie 20, Melanie 10

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

As explained in section 2.3 of the Regulations, players must remove jewellery and other articles likely to cause injury prior to the game (e.g. watches, rings, bracelets etc.).

The referee will assess and have the final say in whether wearing jewellery during the game presents a danger to any player (including the person wearing it) and if so, the item must either be removed or thoroughly covered with waterproof/resistant tape. If that is refused or not possible, the player will be excluded from the game.

2016 S1 Results R8

Thursday 14/04/2016

Sharks 48 def Sea Snakes 28
Ellie 26, John 18

Beached Az 42 def Clownfish 24
Sam 18, Dave/Brett each 8

The Nuts 53 def Ducks 38
Tony 25, Kyle 16

Pink Pirates 33 def by Brothers 44
Deanne/Clinton each 12, Anna 14

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Last week I highlighted the process for determining who starts the game. This week, we have a look at how the game, and each quarter, is started.

As outlined in sections 9.2-9.6 of the Regulations, at the start of each quarter the players of each team must all be completely on their designated half of the field. The umpire will then blow the whistle and the player of the team in possession must then pass the ball from the centre point (so you can’t start swimming with it as with free throws). If the starting team is ready and the defending team is still faffing about and only partly present, the umpires may choose to start the game regardless.

Each period will be started when the red or white dial reaches the top/12 o’clock mark on the 60 seconds pool clock (above the meeting rooms). The umpire usually clarifies this to all players by calling ‘red top’ or ‘white top’. In order to maintain game schedules, the timekeeper may begin timing at the scheduled game start prior the umpire signalling the start of play (in consultation with the umpire), if the teams are not ready.

2016 S1 Umpiring Roster Finalised

Just a quick post to let the umpires know that the remainder of the umpiring roster has been published on the Roster page.

As usual, John has taken the availability of umpires into account as much as possible, but should there be a conflict then please contact him directly.


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