Open Day Volunteers Needed

As you may know already, the Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre is organising a Free Residents Open Day on Sunday 11 October 2015, 11.30am to 3.30pm.

During the open day, 8 programs will be providing information through their stalls along the 50m pool and some programs will be demonstrating their sport/activity.

Stalls will include the Royal Life Saving Society, Underwater Rugby Tasmania, Power Aquatic, Underwater Hockey, Fin Swimming, Water Polo Tasmania, Hobart Aquatic Masters and Water Basketball. Fin Swimming, Power Aquatic, Underwater hockey, Water Basketball and Underwater Rugby demonstrations will be provided in the far end of the 50m pool.

Our demo time slot is 2pm – 2:30pm and, while the Board will be there of course, we will definitely need some further volunteers for our 30-minute demo game. If you’re interested, you could also help out by attending the info stall. Entry to the pool is free :-).

If you’d like to help out, please send us an email via the enquiry form.

2015 S2 Results R10

Thursday 24/09/2015

The Nuts 44 def Clownfish 24
Georgie 18, Katie 10

Ducks 48 def Sea Snakes 22
Carrie 12, John 12

Brothers 34 def by Beached Az 38
Mitchell 22, Sam 20

Sharks 34 def Pink Pirates 33
Markus 14, Nick 16

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

REMINDER: There will be no games next week, due to the 16 & U Boy’s Water Polo Nationals which run from Sep 28 – Oct 4 as detailed on the year planner. We’re back on deck the following week, on 8 Oct for Round 11.

2015 S2 Results R9

Thursday 17/09/2015

Ducks 44 def Brothers 38
Cole 20, Mitchell 18

Sea Snakes 28 def by Sharks 30
John/Sylvester each 12, Peter 24

Beached Az 40 def by The Nuts 51
Sam 18, Tony 39

Pink Pirates 22 def Clownfish 12
Dallas 8, Brett/Brianna each 4

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

As outlined in Section 5 of the Regulations, at any time during a game a player may be substituted by leaving the field of play through the “Interchange” area by diving below the rope and surfacing in the field of play. Technically the substitute player may only enter the field of play from the Interchange area as soon the exiting player has visibly risen to the surface of the water within the Interchange area, although this is generally not enforced by the umpires, unless this is abused and some unfair advantage is gained.

The game continues during substitution (and during minor incidents such as cramp or a lost fin for that matter). Any non-substitute player entry to the field of play (e.g. a late arrival) must take place through the Interchange area. Entering the field of play pool in any other manner may result in a minor foul and turn over to be taken from the half-way line. If not in possession then the player must leave the field while play continues (will only be stopped by the umpire if the in-possession team suffers disadvantage) and the player must re-enter through the Interchange area.

2015 S2 Umpiring Roster Finalised

Just a quick post to let the umpires know that the remainder of the umpiring roster has been published on the Roster page.

As usual, John has taken the availability of umpires into account as much as possible, but should there be a conflict then please contact him directly.

2015 S2 Results R8

Thursday 10/09/2015

Pink Pirates 50 def Sea Snakes 34
Nick 28, John 12

Brothers 40 def Clownfish 32
Mitchell 16, Katie 16

The Nuts 57 def Sharks 32
Tony 38, Peter 17

Ducks 46 def Beached Az 36
Cole 14, Sam 14

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Highlighting a few aspects of Free Throws this week; a goal may be scored directly from a Free Throw (including Corner Throw-in). You are however, not allowed to score directly from a Neutral Ball (pass first).

During a Free Throw (including the Restart Throw-in, which occurs after a score), opposing players within 2 meters may not contest the ball (i.e. defend).

In accordance with 14.7.1, players may be no closer than 1 meter from the player taking the free throw. However, this is not always enforced when it concerns space limitations in the 2 meter area and/or the shooter is clearly not hindered in his/her actions or there is advantage in being able to play on quickly. The main thing umpires look for is that you do not defend the free throw.

2015 S2 Results R7

Thursday 3/09/2015

Ducks 54 def Clownfish 38
Cole 26, Katie 16

Sea Snakes 19 def by The Nuts 46
John 8, Tony 26

Pink Pirates 30 def by Sharks 38
Michelle 12, Markus 18

Beached Az 34 def by Brothers 38
Sam 16, Susannah 12

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

This week we’re highlighting a few matters relating to the score sheet. Firstly, each player is responsible for writing their cap number next to their printed name before the game.

If you are not registered (name printed on the score sheet) with the team you are playing with on game night, you are filling in. (See S. 6 Fill-in Players) of the Regulations).

As explained on the score sheet example, fill-ins should write their name in the Fill-in section with header ‘List FILL-INS below (NO Goal Points for Fill-Ins if Registered (Y) with another team)’. The full name of the fill-in should be written there and if the fill-in is registered with another team, circle ‘Y’, or if not registered, wait for it, circle ‘N’. Lastly, don’t forget to add the cap number and ensure that it doesn’t double-up with any of the other team members.

Fill-ins should do this themselves, but the captain of the team you are filling in for is ultimately responsible for writing your name on the sheet.

2015 S2 Results R6

Thursday 27/08/2015

Brothers 60 def Sharks 42
Mitchell 34, Markus 22

Ducks 46 def Beached Az 32
Cole/Clare each 12, Alison/Sam each 12

Clownfish 26 def by The Nuts 42
Katie 18, Tony 30

Sea Snakes 26 def by Pink Pirates 42
John 18, Nick 34

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

This week’s highlight is about timing and start of play, courtesy of Kath. Once the toss has been won prior to commencement of the game, the winning team may elect to take possession first or choose the starting end. Players must take up positions in their defensive half with no part of the body in opposing team’s defensive half. Quarter will start when the red or white dial reaches the top of the 60s clock (the umpire calls ‘red top’ or ‘white top’) and the umpire blows the whistle to commence play. Timekeeper may begin timing at red or white top, even if umpire hasn’t blown the whistle (confirmation must be from umpire).

The ball MUST be released or thrown from the centre point by player in possession of the ball. No-one can swim with the ball from the centre point until it is passed off.

The Duty Team is responsible for timekeeping of all quarters of 8 minutes and rest times of 2 minutes. The Time keeper must keep track of time and make umpires and players aware of “1 MINUTE” remaining in each quarter. A simple way to do this is to set the timer to 7 minutes and let everyone know when there is 1 minute remaining when the timer goes off. The final time is read from the 60s clock in this case. There is no requirement to call “30 seconds” or “10 seconds”, although the timekeeper may choose to as long as calling the time doesn’t distract umpires unnecessarily. Timekeeper must call time at the end of the quarter to umpires and players. A penalty shot may be taken after time has ended and a ball in flight may be scored as a goal.

Game stoppages:
The game may be stopped by the umpire due to accident, injury or illness, including bleeding. An umpire may suspend the game for not more than 3 minutes – and must instruct the timekeeper when to stop the game clock. When play is resumed, the team in possession of the ball must take it from same location prior to stoppage and is not allowed to shoot. A team can forfeit during the stoppage, according to Forfeit Rules (Section 19).


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