2016-17 S1 Results R9

Thursday 22/09/2016

Pink Pirates 28 def Beached Az 24
Clinton 12, Alyce 12

Sea Snakes 34 def by Sharks 36
Caitlin 20, Markus 22

Brothers 18 def by The Nuts 50
Sam/Bec each 6, Tony 28

Ducks 38 def Clownfish 14
Cole 16, Dave 8

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

As outlined in 14.7, whenever a player takes any kind of free throw (regular free throw, neutral ball, goal line throw in (after score), corner, side line (after ball goes out), penalty):

  1. no opposing player within 2 metres of the player taking the Free Throw may contest (defend) the taking of the throw or obstruct mechanics of the throw in any way; and
  2. no opposing player may be closer than 1 metre of the player taking the Free Throw.

The umpires may allow opposing players to be slightly within the 1-metre radius where practical, as long as the main aim of not interfering with the free throw is achieved.

Spectator entry

Hi folks,

A while back I informed the captains and umpires of the User Group changes implemented by DKHAC as of 1 July 2016. One of those changes concerns spectator entry, which basically is a $2 charge for any spectator/non-player over 16 years of age.

At the time I asked the captains to relay this information to their players. DKHAC has now sent the following reminder:

As a courtesy could please again inform/remind all of your spectators/non swimmers that this is now a requirement of entry. We ask that you please ensure you make all appropriate efforts to communicate this to your group members and associates to assist with the implementation.

We also understand that this may impact parents/guardians who have previously entered the centre to pick up participants. We will now be requesting that unless the non-swim entry fee is paid, that pick up occurs in the centre foyer.

Please note this fee applies to any person over 16 years of age entering the centre.

We appreciate your assistance and support with this fee and thank you for your ongoing patronage of the centre.


2016-17 S1 Results R8

Thursday 15/09/2016

Ducks 52 def Sea Snakes 34
Cole 16, Caitlin 16

Beached Az 26 def by Clownfish 34
Kylie 12, Brett 12

The Nuts 70 def Sharks 42
Jemma 34, Markus 30

Pink Pirates 24 def Brothers 18
Susan 10, Lisa 6

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

This week we’re looking at the barging rule in general. Section 15.19 refers to barging a static defender, while 15.21 deals with barging in motion.

The concept of the ‘cylinder’, which is the shoulder-width space around the person, is important when determining the barging violation. Barging can be called on physical contact, but also on movement into the defender’s cylinder.

While barging a static defender (15.20) is generally straight forward, what happens when both players are in motion without contact but in each other’s cylinder is not always obvious (read 15.21). Simply said; if an attacking player moves forward or sideways into the defender’s cylinder, that is barging. If the attacker is static or moves backwards and the defender moves into the attacker’s cylinder, that is impeding (although usually more leniency is given here, since as the ‘follower’ it is harder to know when to stop). Note, that the interpretation of forward/backward depends on the placement of the defender. I.e. the defender is usually placed between the attacker and the defended basket. But, if the defender is placed behind the attacker (e.g. a double-team defence) and the attacker swims backward into the defender, that is also barging.

Since the in-motion/non-contact situations happen very often, we need to keep those rules practical. Therefore, umpires generally only call consistent barging. E.g. if the attacker tries to swim closer to the basket and does so by diagonally swimming forward into the cylinder of the defender (so not arms), then the umpires generally wait for a few seconds to see if the attacker stops. If the attacker consistently keeps moving into the defender’s cylinder in this situation, then a barging foul is called.

Similarly if this happens in reverse, with the attacker retreating and the defender consistently swimming forward into the attacker, that is impeding. The in-motion/non-contact scenarios tend to be considered more severely when they occur closer to the attacking area/basket.

As you can see, contact & barging rules are not simple considering the many different possible scenarios. Umpires must consider on- & off-the-ball situations (with on-the-ball being considered more severely than off-the-ball), general impact, flow of the game, intent, etc. etc. So while the barging rules have been discussed, agreed and documented to a large extent, the ongoing need for careful & consistent interpretation by the umpires and understanding & cooperation from the players are ultimately essential.

2016-17 S1 Results R7

Thursday 25/08/2016

Pink Pirates 35 def Clownfish 28
Mel 14, Dave 16

Sea Snakes 22 def by The Nuts 42
Inala 10, Jemma 20

Ducks 44 def Sharks 32
Cole 20, Markus 22

Brothers 38 def by Beached Az 48
Anna 16, Alyce 20

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

This week I’m highlighting a rule that continues to baffle even some of the more experienced players. Specifically, what to do after a violation of rule 15.8 and 15.9, having a maximum of 2 offensive and 2 defensive players in the 2-meter area (also referred to as ‘3 in the key’ or ‘3 players in’).

I explained the whole rule in detail at the start of this season, but let’s focus on the scenario where 3 defensive players were in the 2-meter area and the offensive team gets the free throw and one of the attacking players was in possession of the ball at the time.

In this, quite common scenario, just keep the following main points in mind:

  1. The attacking player who had the ball at the time takes the free throw.
  2. It’s a Free Throw, so you can shoot, swim or pass.
  3. The Free Throw must be taken either from the spot that attacking player with the ball was in at the time of the foul OR from the 2-meter line directly in front of the goal.
  4. The player taking the free throw gets to choose, but must make it clear what the choice is (i.e. not just quickly resume play, not giving the defenders a chance to understand what’s going on).

2016-17 S1 Results R6

Thursday 25/08/2016

Beached Az 50 def Sharks 47
Sam 22, Markus 21

Pink Pirates 27 def Brothers 14
Mel 8, Craig/Freya/Bec each 4

Clownfish 34 def by The Nuts 44
Brett 12, Tony 20

Sea Snakes 34 def by Ducks 52
Caitlin 14, Cole 14

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

Instead of discussing a rule this week, I would like to ask (remind) the captains to make sure you are familiar with the Regulations and explain them as much as possible to new players. It’s very difficult for umpires to try and explain rules from the sideline in a noisy pool to players with caps over their ears, which can cause delays and confusion.

Also, you should make sure that all team members, particularly new ones, know to check their name on the score sheet before the game, check/write the cap number and when on Duty, how to complete the score sheet and how to perform other Duty tasks.

2016-17 S1 Umpiring roster finalised

Please note that the umpiring assignments for the remaining rounds have been added to the roster.

As usual, if umpires have any questions/concerns then please contact John.

Thank you for volunteering your time to help out with this, sometimes difficult, task. We couldn’t make the competition work without you 🙂

2016-17 S1 Results R5

Thursday 25/08/2016

Brothers 30 def by The Nuts 54
Mitchell 10, Tony 28

Sharks 52 def Sea Snakes 26
Markus 36, John 14

Beached Az 42 def Clownfish 32
Sam 24, Brett 16

Ducks 34 def by Pink Pirates 38
Cole/Clare each 10, Jen/Chris each 10

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

Over the last couple of weeks a number of people have asked me whether it’s ok to pass the ball forward when starting the quarter. Whenever you have a question like that, please check the Regulations first. We also have a printed copy of the regulations on the table on game nights.

The short answer is yes, as long as the ball is passed from the centre point of the field (Section 9.6). Minor foul 15.1 might be confusing, but that merely states that you’re not allowed to advance past the centre line before the umpire has given the signal to start.

The person starting with the ball must be in the middle of the centre line and is not allowed to swim with the ball until it has been passed to another player. That can be in any direction after the umpires have started the game.

Since it can be tempting to re-position while swimming underwater in this scenario, note that players are not allowed to intentionally swim underwater for more than 2 seconds (S.15.18).