2015 Social Competition R2 Results

Thursday 2/07/15

Sea Stars 25 drew Flying Fish 25

Electric Eels 22 def Jumpin’ Jellies 16

Sea Stars 16 def Jumpin’ Jellies 10

Electric Eels 13 def by Flying Fish 24

The ladder has been updated under Statistics and the game night structure and team compositions remains available on the Roster page.

Please note that you can still join a team in the Social Competition at any time; there is 1 last week/opportunity, so come along and have a go! :-) I’ll bring in a registration sheet for those who tried out during the Social Competition and want to join a team for the upcoming second regular 2015 competition (which starts 23/7 as shown on the previously published year planner).

2015 Social Competition R1 Results

Thursday 25/06/15

Sea Stars 18 def Electric Eels 10

Flying Fish 24 def by Jumpin’ Jellies 28

Flying Fish 10 def by Electric Eels 25

Sea Stars 18 def Jumpin’ Jellies 8

The ladder has been updated under Statistics and the game night structure and team compositions have been posted on the Roster page.

Please note that you can still join a team in the Social Competition at any time; there are two more weeks/opportunities, so come along and have a go! The initial sign up simply allowed the Board to determine how many teams to plan for initially and so it does not mean you can’t still join in :-).

Register for the Social Competition

Whether you’re an existing player or a new player, don’t forget to register for the Social Competition so we’re able to put the teams together. To register, email us your name & number via this website’s enquiry form.

See you Thursday at 7:30pm at the Dive Pool!

2015 Social Competition

This year’s Social Competition will run on Thursday 25 June, 2 July and 9 July from 7:30pm.

As before, experienced and new players will be mixed into temporary teams for the duration of the competition and separate registration is required. If you would like to register for the 2015 Social Competition, please submit your name, email address and mobile number via this website’s enquiry form by Tuesday 23/6.

Since team combinations as well as the detailed structure of the competition heavily depend on player numbers, the final details will be determined and published after registration closure.

Flyer Social Cometition 2015

To encourage new players to have a go, please feel free to download the flyer and (colour) print & post it on the various notice boards or email it to friends. Your assistance is much appreciated!

Click the flyer to download/view (pdf / 4 MB).

2015 S1 Results GF

Thursday 11/06/2015

Pink Pirates 31 def by The Nuts 38
Clinton 12, Tony 26

Brothers 44 def Ducks 14
Mitchell 14, Andrew 6

Congratulations to Division Premiers The Nuts (Div 1) and Brothers (Div 2), as well as to the winners of Individual Awards in the category Best & Fairest Female, 1st season player Jamie Waterland with 17 votes (while only having played the first 9 rounds) and Best & Fairest Male Mitchell Blackburn with 20 votes. The complete Best & Fairest list (of those who received points) has now been updated in the Stats section for this season. The Most Improved Player awards were awarded by the Board to Ellie Bucher (Sharks) and Sam Christiansen (Brothers) for having noticeably improved this season and having made valuable contributions to their respective teams. The achievements of this season’s 3 top scorers, Tony Edmondson (The Nuts) 286 and tied for second Jamie Waterland (The Nuts) and Phillip Wells (Sharks) with 238, were also highlighted.

The Nuts - 2015 S1 Div 1 Premiers

The Nuts (Top: Dave, Tony, Jo (behind Tony). Bottom: Georgie, Troy, Liz. Missing: Jason, Jamie & Christie) 2015 S1 Div 1 Premiers

The contributions of duty teams and umpires were once more recognised and a big thank you went out to Sylvester for his continuing efforts in setting up the equipment each week and Andrew for providing us with game highlights on Facebook all season. We were fortunate again this season to have 8 (reasonably) solid teams with a thank you to all Captains for keeping their teams organised and engaged, the Board for keeping the competition running smoothly, THAC for providing us with the equipment and the opportunity to play and lastly Jose, for once again providing us with a great spread of nibbles & drinks last night.

After next week’s break, up next is the Social roster where existing and new players mix it up for 3 Thursdays for a bit of fun an to enable those interested to try water basketball for the first time. The Social Roster is scheduled for 25 June, 2 July and 9 July. Flyers will go up soon and will be made available on the website soon. To register for the Social Roster, submit your name, email and mobile number, plus any specifics we may need to know about, through our enquiry form.

To assist in planning, it would also be very useful if the Captains could indicate as early as possible whether their team will continue to play next regular season, which starts on 23 July. Similarly, the sooner umpires can confirm with John whether they intend to continue umpiring next season the better. Closer to the start (17 July at the latest) captains should submit their team sheets to Kath and myself, so we can get the stats & scoresheet side of things organised.

Thank you all for another great season!


Chairman Water Basketball Tasmania

2015 S1 Results SF

Thursday 4/06/2015

Sharks 34 def by The Nuts 43
Peter 26, Tony 33

Ducks 50 def Clownfish 40
Sophie 20, Sam 20

The Grand Finals roster has been published on the Roster page. Umpires, please note the change to 3 umpires during finals (where possible).

Reminder; the Grand Final starts at 7pm (equipment setup from 6:45pm). Both games in the Dive pool as usual and, with the second game finishing around 8:30pm, nibbles & drinks will be available at the cafeteria. The Awards presentations will commence at about 8:45pm. As usual, spectators are allowed into the centre for free; just mention at reception that you are there to watch the water basketball finals.

2015 S1 Results QF

Thursday 28/05/2015

Brothers 41 def Ducks 36
Susannah/Mitchell each 12, Ron 16

The Nuts 30 def by Pink Pirates 35
Tony 22, Deanne 14

Clownfish 52 def Sea Snakes 28
Sam 38, John 18

Sharks 38 def Beached Az 34
Phillip 22, Daniel 14

The Semi Finals roster has been published on the Roster page.

Lastly, the number of caps seems to be dwindling slowly. Please make sure all caps (and fins) are returned promptly after each game.


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