2016-17 S2 Results R13

Thursday 25/05/2017

Clownfish 34 def by Ducks 40
Brett 14, Cole 18

The Nuts 52 def Beached Az 26
Jemma 34, Sam 16

Pink Pirates 27 def by Sharks 34
Nicole 10, Markus 16

Brothers 20 def Sea Snakes 0 (forfeit)

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

You may have heard someone call out ‘5-seconds’ or ‘holding the ball’. Usually by a hopeful defensive player calling out to the umpire. Rule 15.15 is hardly ever enforced though, because it only applies to stationary players:

For a stationary player in possession of the ball and under pressure by a defender failing to play the ball, preventing the flow of the game, for a period of time exceeding five (5) seconds. The attacking player will be deemed to be ‘holding the ball’

So, as soon as you move in any direction with the ball that 5 seconds resets (in the umpire’s head, so it’s not an exact science). I think this rule was initially intended more with the “preventing the flow of the game” part in mind. We may need to change or add to this rule at some point, because since it applies to stationary situations only, the defense can really only ‘force’ this foul when the player holding the ball is surrounded by 3 or 4 stationary defensive players and has nowhere to go. Since that’s very unlikely as it leaves a lot of attacking players open, the 5 second rule really only ends up being called on players who line up a shot and take too long considering all their life’s choices leading up to that point. Still a valid rule, since it holds up the game, but it doesn’t often happen.

These types of rule considerations usually get discussed at the umpire’s meetings and can lead to amendments to the regulations. This particular example doesn’t really negatively affect the game, so hasn’t yet been addressed. In the past, we’ve considered keeping the game dynamic by adding a time limitation on the offence (e.g. like 24 seconds in basketball) or 5 seconds per player even when that player is moving, but any of these restrictions are either quite difficult for the (volunteer) umpires to enforce, or require specialised clocks that are expensive and need to be managed by the duty teams. That’s an example where the cost/effort doesn’t really outweigh the benefit of maintaining a dynamic game.

If you have any concerns about certain rules, discuss them with your captain or the umpire(s) in your team who can ensure they are reviewed if needed.

Roster Reminder

As mentioned on April 10th, there are no games this week due to the Australian Water Polo Country Championships taking place at DKHAC.

The competition continues next week 25/5 with Round 13.

2016-17 S2 Results R12

Thursday 11/05/2017

Beached Az 35 def Pink Pirates 34
Sam 27, Susan 12

Clownfish 24 def by Brothers 32
Brett 8, Craig/Liam each 8

Ducks 34 def by Sharks 36
Cole 12, Ellie 18

Sea Snakes 16 def by The Nuts 32
Leah/Pablo each 6, Jemma 22

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

As described in section 7.4 of the Regulations; if a foul is committed and the player being fouled has the advantage or can even just play on immediately without obstruction, the umpires can choose to call “Advantage – Play On” (with or without blowing the whistle first).

“Play On” can also be called if both players committed a light minor foul on each other and neither was truly disadvantaged. So, more like a neutral ball situation created by two players bumping into each other at the same time while trying to get to the ball.

The umpires should ensure that neither player/team is truly disadvantaged in this scenario, and that should be applied even more stringently when the game is close and in the fourth quarter (this is not a rule, but a recommended interpretation).

2016-17 S2 Results R11

Thursday 4/05/2017

Brothers 44 def Ducks 34
Lisa 18, Cole 12

Pink Pirates 37 def The Nuts 22
Rob 18, Dan 16

Sea Snakes 30 def by Beached Az 58
Caitlin 20, Sam 22

Clownfish 26 def by Sharks 49
Julie 12, Markus 21

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

It’s great that each team does duty and that, for the most part, this is done well and positively. Water Basketball depends on volunteers (thank you umpires and board as well) because we don’t have the funds do do otherwise. Many sports work this way, so it’s great to see every team pitch in.

Having said that, with new players doing duty and existing players forgetting how to at times, it’s important that we remind ourselves of what’s involved and how to complete a score sheet.

Some points to focus on at the moment:

  • If someone is not printed on the score sheet then they are considered a fill-in. Fill-ins must be written in the box below the team list.
  • All players must write their cap number onto the sheet. This is not for the duty team, umpires and later on stats coordinators to have to try and figure out.
  • When setting up equipment, make sure that starts at 7:30pm prompt and is done asap. There is a default set up, so talk to board members or experienced players if you are unsure what that is.
  • Similarly, when tidying up, there is a designated storage spot and method. It also helps when all players who have borrowed caps and/or fins, return those promptly. If you prefer to chat with your team mates, that is fine, but then purchase your own fins and caps so you don’t have to worry about returning anything.
  • Lastly, scoring duty members should make eye contact with the umpire when he/she calls a score, pay attention to the game, and monitor/call time accurately & audibly.

It all sounds a bit ‘instructive’ 🙂 but it is meant to improve how we do things, lessen the dependency on those fixing up after others and make things more enjoyable for everyone. So when you see your team mates being a bit unsure or doing things incorrectly, please step up and help them out.

2016-17 S2 Results R10

Thursday 27/04/2017

The Nuts 28 def Clownfish 23
Georgie 16, Brett 12

Sharks 47 def Sea Snakes 18
Markus 23, Leah 10

Beached Az 41 def Brothers 40
Sam 23, Anna 20

Ducks 24 def by Pink Pirates 40
Clare 10, Susan 14

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

The duration of the game, breaks and potential overtime are described in Section 10.

As pretty much everyone knows, a game lasts for 4 periods of 8 minutes of playing time. Rest time between quarters is 2 minutes and with 30 seconds to go both teams should take their places on the field. Please don’t be late, since that affects everyone involved, including potentially pushes out the game finishing time which then impacts the next two teams.

In a game where a result is required (a finals game) and the score is level at the end of the fourth quarter, there shall be a 2 minute rest period followed by two further 3-minute periods of extra-time with no rest period in between. The team that previously won the toss has starting possession for the first period of overtime and the opposing team has starting possession for the second period of overtime.

If the scores are level at the end of overtime, there shall be a further 2-minute rest period followed by a continual period of ‘Golden Goal’ overtime, whereby the team who scores the first goal shall be awarded the winner of the game. Note, that the team starting with starting possession for ‘Golden Goal’ overtime will be determined by a new toss.

2016-17 S2 Roster Update

DKHAC has been given the opportunity to host the Australian Water Polo Country Championships from 17th May to 21st May 2017. To accommodate the schedule for this championship they have needed to change a number of bookings, including our 18 May game night.

So, no games on 18 May and the remainder of the roster has been pushed out by 1 week. This means the regular part of the season now ends on 1 June, the finals weeks are on 8, 15 and 22 June, and our club dinner will be on 24 June (please mark in your calendars).

Umpires, should this change present any difficulties, please get in touch with John asap.

Lastly, a reminder that we’re heading into the Easter break. So no games this week or next and we’ll resume with Round 10 on 27 April.

Hope you enjoy the Easter break 🙂

2016-17 S2 Results R9

Thursday 6/04/2017

Sharks 42 def Beached Az 29
Markus 20, Alison 12

Sea Snakes 0 (forfeit) def by Ducks 20

Brothers 30 def by The Nuts 50
Sam 18, Georgie 26

Pink Pirates 18 def by Clownfish 23
Jen 10, Brett 10

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

Section 15 contains rules regarding a wide variety of minor fouls that you are encouraged to become familiar with. Two of its sub-sections, 15.2 and 15.3, talk about “positional advantage”.

In other words, the use of the pool environment or another player to gain an unfair positional advantage. Common examples are players resting by holding onto the edges of the pool, standing on or pushing off the underwater pool ledges and pushing off the wall when trying to push a player out of the way or get some momentum.

As you can see, that includes ‘resting’. While this is often allowed by the umpires, as there are often more important things going on during the game that require attention, it’s still considered an unfair advantage and you can be asked to stop hanging onto the edge.

There are some exceptions of course, where the umpire may give permission (explicitly or implicitly) for a player to hold onto the goal or sides of the pool in the event of injury or illness. The most common example here is cramp.

If the injury/illness is serious the player should try and make his/her way out of the pool preferably via the interchange area, but if that is not possible then simply the side/back of the pool is acceptable as well.

If serious, the umpire may at their discretion suspend the game for not more than three minutes, in which case he shall instruct the timekeeper as to when the stoppage period is to commence (S18).

To resume play, time is started again and the team in possession of the ball at the time of the stoppage shall put the ball into play at the place of stoppage when the play is resumed. The player who puts the ball back in play after a stoppage is not permitted to shoot for goal (so like a Neutral Ball).

Players returning to the water (at any time) should do so via the interchange area. The only exception to this is when the break has been quick (e.g. to adjust a fin or stretch out cramp) and the area of re-entry is not crowded (e.g. if a defensive player is returning to the water and the attack has progressed past the 3 meter line, then it may not be safe or fair to return and you should probably wait until your team goes back into attack).