2016-17 S1 Umpiring roster finalised

Please note that the umpiring assignments for the remaining rounds have been added to the roster.

As usual, if umpires have any questions/concerns then please contact John.

Thank you for volunteering your time to help out with this, sometimes difficult, task. We couldn’t make the competition work without you 🙂

2016-17 S1 Results R5

Thursday 25/08/2016

Brothers 30 def by The Nuts 54
Mitchell 10, Tony 28

Sharks 52 def Sea Snakes 26
Markus 36, John 14

Beached Az 42 def Clownfish 32
Sam 24, Brett 16

Ducks 34 def by Pink Pirates 38
Cole/Clare each 10, Jen/Chris each 10

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

Over the last couple of weeks a number of people have asked me whether it’s ok to pass the ball forward when starting the quarter. Whenever you have a question like that, please check the Regulations first. We also have a printed copy of the regulations on the table on game nights.

The short answer is yes, as long as the ball is passed from the centre point of the field (Section 9.6). Minor foul 15.1 might be confusing, but that merely states that you’re not allowed to advance past the centre line before the umpire has given the signal to start.

The person starting with the ball must be in the middle of the centre line and is not allowed to swim with the ball until it has been passed to another player. That can be in any direction after the umpires have started the game.

Since it can be tempting to re-position while swimming underwater in this scenario, note that players are not allowed to intentionally swim underwater for more than 2 seconds (S.15.18).

2016-17 S1 Results R4

Thursday 18/08/2016

Sea Snakes 38 def by Beached Az 48
Caitlin 18, Alison 20

The Nuts 38 def Pink Pirates 35
Tony 20, Chris 19

Sharks 54 def Clownfish 48
Markus 22, Scott 18

Ducks 34 def Brothers 28
Cole 12, Lisa 12

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

Please note that if you are registered with a team and play for another, you are ‘filling in’ there and as such your scores don’t count from round 4 onwards and at no time should a fill-in receive Best & Fairest points. There is a separate section for fill-in players on the score sheet (below the team line-up, marked FILL-INS – circle Y for being registered with another team or N when not), in which their names should be written, so it’s all clear and your team doesn’t have any nasty surprises if those points are deducted later on or other team members miss out on B & F points because they went to a fill-in player.

Also, it is the responsibility of each team’s players to write their cap number on the sheet next to their names. If this is left to Duty teams, games starts can be delayed (or your playing time is reduced) and scores by caps without names may at best be counted but not attributed to a player and at worst be deducted from the team’s total score (and potentially lose you the game). So please take a moment to check your name on the sheet and write down your number before you jump in.

2016-17 S1 Results R3

Thursday 4/08/2016

Sharks 38 def by Pink Pirates 41
Markus 24, Jen 22

Clownfish 18 def by Ducks 46
Dave 8, Cole/Andrew/Carrie each 8

Brothers 56 def Sea Snakes 20
Lisa/Mitchell each 12, Leah 8

Beached Az 36 def by The Nuts 57
Alison 16, Tony 30

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

With the conclusion of Round 3, the relaxed rules around fill-ins return to normal again (see section 3 and 6 of the Regulations). So, to remind you; note that all fill-in names should be written into the specific section on the sheet and not directly below the registered players. A fill-in is someone who is not printed on the score sheet. Note to Captains; fill-ins written in the team section of the sheet are not considered as newly registered players until an updated Team Registration Sheet has been submitted.

During Round 4 and subsequent rounds each team must have a minimum of 4 of its own registered players (or forfeit the game – don’t forget you could still play a scratch match with whomever is there). Note that with the new DKHAC booking process any booking not cancelled with at least 10 days notice is non-refundable. In other words, lost pool time & fees.

Scores from registered (with another team) players do not count at all Round 4 onwards, so also not towards the total team score (and obviously not be eligible for B & F points for that game). A non-registered fill-in can score and that score will count towards the team total score, but they will not be attributed to the players top scoring rankings & not be eligible for B & F points until officially registered with a team (captain updates team sheet and submits with Kyle and Dave).

Duty teams please note that if a registered player scores as a fill-in during round 4 or a later round, and an umpire has not picked this up and signals the score, these scores should not be counted on the score sheet. If you are not sure whether a player is registered with a team or not, then ask the relevant captain and/or umpires ASAP (preferably before game start).

2016-17 S1 Results R2

Thursday 4/08/2016

Clownfish 36 def by Brothers 42
Dave 12, Ben 10

Beached Az 30 def by Ducks 44
Alyce 16, Kyle/Cole/Ron each 12

Sea Snakes 16 def by Pink Pirates 49
Maddy 8, Jen 20

The Nuts 54 def Sharks 26
Jemma 28, Ellie 14

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

This week we’re looking at the barging rule in general. Section 15.19 refers to barging a static defender, while 15.21 deals with barging in motion.

The concept of the ‘cylinder’, which is the shoulder-width space around the person, is important when determining the barging violation. Barging can be called on physical contact, but also on movement into the defender’s cylinder.

While barging a static defender (15.20) is generally straight forward, what happens when both players are in motion without contact but in each other’s cylinder is not always obvious (read 15.21). Simply said; if an attacking player moves forward or sideways into the defender’s cylinder, that is barging. If the attacker is static or moves backwards and the defender moves into the attacker’s cylinder, that is impeding (although usually more leniency is given here, since as the ‘follower’ it is harder to know when to stop). Note, that the interpretation of forward/backward depends on the placement of the defender. I.e. the defender is usually placed between the attacker and the defended basket. But, if the defender is placed behind the attacker (e.g. a double-team defence) and the attacker swims backward into the defender, that is also barging.

Since the in-motion/non-contact situations happen very often, we need to keep those rules practical. Therefore, umpires generally only call consistent barging. E.g. if the attacker tries to swim closer to the basket and does so by diagonally swimming forward into the cylinder of the defender (so not arms), then the umpires generally wait (for 1 or 2 seconds) and see if the attacker stops. If the attacker consistently keeps moving into the defender’s cylinder in this situation, then a barging foul is called.

Similarly if this happens in reverse, with the attacker retreating and the defender consistently swimming forward into the attacker, that is impeding. The in-motion/non-contact scenarios tend to be considered more severely when they occur closer to the attacking area/basket.

As you can see, contact & barging rules are not simple considering the many different possible scenarios. Umpires must consider on- & off-the-ball situations (with on-the-ball being considered more severely than off-the-ball), general impact, flow of the game, intent, etc. etc. So while the barging rules have been discussed, agreed and documented to a large extent, the ongoing need for careful & consistent interpretation by the umpires and understanding & cooperation from the players are ultimately essential.

2016-17 S1 Results R1

Thursday 28/07/2016

The Nuts 52 def Ducks 38
Tony 24, Ron 18

Sharks 30 def by Pink Pirates 48
Ellie 16, Anna 14

Pink Pirates 42 def Beached Az 28
Jen 18, Alison 14

Clownfish 22 def by Sea Snakes 34
Dave 10, Caitlin 18

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

First up we’re having a look at what happens when there are 3 or more players (of one team) in the 2 meter area and the foul (typically ‘3 in’ or ‘3 in the key’) is called. Most players understand that you can’t be in the 2 meter area with more than 2 of your own players, but many players still have trouble with how to take the free-throw.

If the attacking team is in possession of the ball at the time of the foul, then the in-possession player may take the free throw from the position the player is in at the time of the foul being committed if that player is within the 2 meter area or choose to take the free throw from the 2 meter line, directly in front of the basket (

If the team (defending or attacking) that is awarded the free throw is not in possession of the ball at the time of the foul being committed or in possession but outside of the 2 meter areas, the free throw must be taken from the 2 meter line, directly in front of the basket (S.

Beyond that, standard free throw rules apply, such as not defending the player taking the free throw unless the player starts swimming and the umpire calls ‘Play On!’. Obviously no unnecessary time delays are allowed (at the discretion of the umpires) and lastly, if the player (in possession of the ball and therefore having to take the free throw) must leave the game due to injury or exclusion, their substitute (from the ‘bench’) shall take the free throw. If no substitute is permitted or available, then the nearest team mate may take the free throw.

2016-17 S1 Roster

It’s great to see that all 8 teams have been able to commit to the new season and I’m happy to report that the Board has achieved a lot during the break and we’re now in a position where we can continue to enjoy playing water basketball.

The year planning will be by financial year from now on, to coincide with DKHAC’s planning and fee schedule. This means the upcoming season is the 1st season of the 2016-17 financial year; see the bottom of the roster page for the updated year planner.

The roster for the 2016-17 Season 1 commences this Thursday 28/7 at 7:30pm (for the usual 7:45pm game start) and has been published on the Roster page, including the first 5 rounds of umpiring roster. Umpires, as usual, please discuss any scheduling issues with John asap. There may come a time during this season or the next where we need to shift to a 7pm start, but I’ll let you know at least a month in advance when/if that time comes. For the time being it’s business as usual.

Water Basketball Tasmania is now an Incorporated Association, owning (and responsible for) all its equipment and we are required to pay DKHAC for pool hire in advance, which is why we’re asking you to pay your membership fees in advance. I won’t go into detail here, but if you would like to know more, please talk to your team captain whom has been provided with full information.

Please transfer your fees to your team captain, who will transfer them to the Association’s bank account as soon as that has been established. To be clear, all of your fees will go towards payment of pool hire, insurance, equipment and whatever we can put towards keeping the competition healthy and enjoyable.

We also have updated Board, Captains and Umpires lists. Captains, please provide your updated Team Registration Sheets to Alison, Kyle and/or myself asap.

Lastly, we are planning a big end of year social function mid-2017 after the second season (see year planner), since that is a nice end to the (water basketball) year and having it then will not conflict with the busy December month. We originally planned a social function on 3 December as well, but we’d like to talk to players and captains a bit more about that over the next few weeks (whether people can make it and if so what kind of event).

Have a great season and if you have any questions, please talk to a board member.



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