Round 15 Results

Tuesday 24/05/11
Plankton 56 def by Sea Snakes 63
Cathy 34, Aaron 30

The Nuts 50 def Frank & Beans 30
Tony 29, Will 26

Thursday 26/05/11
Swordfish 20 def Crabs 0 (forfeit)

Sharks 36 def by Pink Pirates 40
Peter 18, Rob 22

Nullabor 52 def Brothers 29
Nick 22, Susannah 18

Ducks 20 def Lobsters 0 (forfeit)

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Duty Team Highlight
Over the last 2 seasons, the Duty teams have improved their score notation and shown more initiative in setting up and tidying up the equipment (which is indeed the Duty team’s responsibility). The Board would like to thank all who have contributed to that improvement.

To iron out the last few inconsistentcies in terms of completion of the scoresheet, please consider the following points (especially the points regarding forfeiting and the last point on verifying scores as they are mostly not done at the moment):

  • Fill-ins are noted in the bottom Fill-Ins section (for each team). No more than 2 fill-ins are allowed. It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure this is done correctly, but it won’t hurt for the Duty team to verify this.
  • Cap numbers must be verified. This is firstly each playing team’s responsibility, but again, it is good practise for the Duty team to verify this has been done correctly.
  • If a team has less than 4 players registered to its own team, it must forfeit (even if it has fill-ins). A forfeit must be noted on the sheet (write FORFEIT across the forfeiting team’s point area). Note, a scratch match may still be played.
  • Scores should be added as 2 or 3. No tallying.
  • Each quarter, the total for that quarter should be noted in the TOTALS for that column (top left of that cell for 2, 3, 4th quarter, with the cumulative total being noted in the bottom right of that cell.
  • Should there be any discrepancies between the scoreboard and the scoresheet, then the sheet takes precedence.
  • When the game is finished, the Duty team must count all player scores horizontally to verify. The total for each team’s players should match the cumulative total noted in the 4th quarter TOTALS field. If there is a difference, try and work it out with the umpires, and possibly captains if it was a very close game. No one should leave until it matches.



About Water Basketball Tasmania
Water Basketball is a sport developed by The Hobart Aquatic Centre. It involves two teams of 6 players, who pass the ball down the pool to their goal end, which is a hoop similar to basketball. Each player wears flippers (and a cap to identify which team they are playing for). Goals are scored as two or three points depending how far from the goals you are.

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