New Roster & Game Night Structure

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The Board has discussed the issue of two very long seasons and has taken into account the issues raised in relation to the roster and game night structure.

First off, due to reduced team numbers, all Season’s game nights will revert to the Thursday nights only (with at most one 9.15pm game). The Tuesdays will return to being training/scratch match nights.

Secondly, we would like to introduce a new yearly structure of 3 terms, worked around the school holidays with the 1st and 3rd seasons being regular seasons where all teams play each other once, with a 2 week Finals period each.

The 2nd, mid-term, season will be a shorter roster that, for that season only, mixes up players to make new even teams with the aim of brightening up the competition and allowing a more social roster to run.

For the new Mid-Term Season, even teams will be created by the Board, so players get to mingle with players from other teams from a social perspective and lower division players get to play with more experienced players in order to learn more about the game and improve their skills. The Mid-Term Season ends with one Finals day, and includes a barbeque. Underwater Hockey will have a separate team in this mid-term competition as well.

Please note that the new 3 Season structure will be implemented this year, but will be slightly skewed in duration of seasons during the 1st longer Season. If this new structure proves to be a success, 2012 will see a more even distribution of seasons throughout the year.

Process to play in the Mid-Term Season

To play, submit your full name and contact phone number via email to by Grand final Night (23rd of June) at the latest. For this season only, players do not have to be registered with THAC for water basketball, nor do fill-in and forfeit rules apply. Please note that by submitting your name, we’re counting on your participation to make this mid-term social roster a success.

  • Players submit their names & contact numbers by the 23rd of June via email. Players may nominate one (only) other player to be in the same team with.
  • Eight teams will be created (including names) by the Board, mixing players evenly based on experience.
  • The Board meets June 30, after which team and roster information will be published on the website.
  • The Mid-Term Season starts on July 7th and runs for 8 weeks only.
  • As per the new fee arrangements starting 1 July 2011 (as previously posted), registration as a bulk payment will no longer be paid for any season and instead players will only be required to pay a slightly increased water basketball entry fee of $9.25 on each game night. ALL players need to pay this fee, regardless of whether or not they are THAC members. Receipts must be submitted into an envelope available on the scoring table each night, to be verified by the Duty team.
  • As mentioned, new players are welcome and fill-in & forfeiting rules don’t apply, but once the new mid-term season roster starts, players can only transfer between teams with Board approval.
  • One Grand Final day to end the season, including prizes and a barbeque, on Saturday August 27th.

About Water Basketball Tasmania
Water Basketball is a sport developed by The Hobart Aquatic Centre. It involves two teams of 6 players, who pass the ball down the pool to their goal end, which is a hoop similar to basketball. Each player wears flippers (and a cap to identify which team they are playing for). Goals are scored as two or three points depending how far from the goals you are.

9 Responses to New Roster & Game Night Structure

  1. Michael says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Lisa.

  2. Lisa says:

    thanks for your feedback Dave, hwoever I would like to say that I was not negative, but would like to be constructive (and therefore useful), because I am hugely disappointed with how this has been approached and announced. there is no implication that there is no respect for the board and their ongoing voluntary commitment, but as a registered player, and with this blog, we should be entitled to provide feedback. It could even be said that perhaps the board is doing too much, and thinking too much about a system that works. I am certainly not opposed to change, but not for change’s sake.

    With the loss of two teams already, you have increased the risk of losing more. I am not sure why the board believes the roster needs ‘livening up’ , I am not aware of an other sporting administration that ‘plays’ with its teams and structure so much. We are not primary school children and do not need to be taught how to interact, socialise and/or become better sports through mixing up teams and creating round robins. We are adults and the social side of the sport comes from playing with the team of your choice and interacting with other players as we choose.

    Please do not dictate to us how we should be made up as a team.

    A couple of other points. I am a parent, which is the reason why I cant play 915 games. what are you going to do when 4 school terms come in? perhaps you could consider female only rosters? or male only? to play on a set night? perhaps we should have a board elected as repesentative of our 90 players, rather than has been previously done through self appointment or approach by board members? most other sporting associations elect their board through an AGM process? while we are not incorporated, the same set up could be implemented.

  3. Hi Alanna/Lisa,

    On behalf of the board, I’ll explain the reasoning behind the new approach. We do appreciate the feedback and do base ideas and decisions on them. Obviously, they won’t always please everyone, but the idea is to at least represent the majority. With that in mind, I’m not sure an overly negative approach here is useful. Feedback can be effective enough without implying that the board (putting in plenty of our own time) does not have players’ best interests at heart.

    Having said that, I’ll try and explain the board’s reasoning:

    Firstly, polls were meant to get an impression and by no means effecting a decision. With around 20 votes on each topic and around 90 registered players, it is by no means conclusive.

    We did take them into account, as well as verbal and email feedback received throughout the season, which added to our own experiences around the pool as players, duty teams and umpires. A couple of key points emerged and the following reasoning followed:

    Two teams are dropping out and we might be able to save one, depending on registrations. Besides numbers, I’m not sure why, but I believe Pete knows so if you want the facts, please ask him. In any case, as a result, either no or just one 9.15 game will be needed. We’ve also been hearing around the pool that many people find 2 game nights more difficult to manage in terms of care of children and work commitments and that returning to 1 night would simplify things. So with all that in mind, a return to one night was favoured.

    With all feedback received, the response to having 2 divisions was flat, if not negative (e.g. playing the same teams, bottom teams wanting to play top teams, etc). We always said we’d just trial it, like we’re attempting with the new 3 terms approach, so that had to go.

    We did consider going back to 2 regular terms, but heard from plenty of people that it would be better to return to 3 terms (like we once did), arranged around the school holidays, as parents are taking their kids on holiday and we have plenty of teachers in the comp. Personally, I don’t know when school holidays are, as I’m neither a parent or a teacher, but I’ll take Pete/Phill’s word for it.

    So with that in mind, and having the general sense from feedback received that the comp could do with some livening up, the mid-term season approach was proposed. as described in the memo to all players, the idea was to create a stronger overall (across teams) social interaction, play some different games and tie this into a social finals event (we were going to have just the 1 day tournament at first).

    That was the aim, but as always, we act on feedback received and with the best interests of the competition in mind. If it indeed turns out that the new mid-term season approach is not viable, then the board will meet to discus and a likely alternative would be a regular season where every team plays each other twice, if time permits (may not be able to completely twice around).

    Hopefully this explanation helps to understand the board’s point of view and goes some way to the realisation that the board does try to act in the competition’s best interests.

    Dave, on behalf of the board

  4. Alanna Beck says:

    Well a night to “sleep on it” has simply generated more questions than answers.
    Why on earth cant we just have one roster and one division were we all meet each other at least twice. If school holidays are on then we can simply have a break in the roster. The reasons given for the current roster to be split into two divisions was because we apparently didn’t have enough weeks for every one to meet each other twice. Now the seasons are about to be shortened even more!!!! Why do we have to have so many seasons and grand finals and divisions and changes. This last season was started un-characteristcally early with little warning – so many forfeits occurred – we are playing over the school holidays which is also uncharacteristic. There is no consistency – perpetual confusion and we are about to be treated like children on boot camp – except for the underwater hockey team who get to stay together and play together. What is going on????
    I am all for the occasional social muck in game – they are fun and light hearted – intro nights and training are good places to promote the game – not an entire season –
    There aren’t many members out there who are willing to jump into a pool at 9.15 which is more like 9.30 with late starts and not get home until 10.30 /11pm when it is freezing and they have work in the morning and kids to deal with – and how can it only be a minimum of once for the late night when someone has to be on duty? The maths dont add up. This is an old issue and changes were instigated as a result of the sheer number of complaints regarding this. Is anybody listening to what the players want??
    We are losing two teams from this roster – one low and one mid ranked – Why??
    Our team will NOT be participating in “the social roster” – we want to keep our team together. We decided that training on Tuesday nights will be a great way of keeping up skills and team spirit – if there are any other teams out there who want to join us on tuesdays for skill improvement and mini games we will be there 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    must admit, I too, am dumbfounded. really sad to see this happening to a sport which has grown out of friendships making teams and making a community of (most of the time) good, passionate sportspeople.

    i think you will be doing a great dis-service to waterbasketball through this approach. i am not sure what the driving forces behind it are, but perhaps fostering and nurturing what we had, and not over-regulating and making changes all the time, would create an even better sporting and community environment.

  6. Alanna Beck says:

    I am still shaking my head in disbelief. Short and sweet I have three things to say – why are polls taken? the two division split was opposed in the vote and got through. The tue / thu set up was the prefered option – and is no longer. Last and most importantly – I play as a member of a team, I am proud of my team, and am not willing to give that up – especially when it costs soooo much to play this game.

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