Open Night


We’re having a Water Basketball Open Night on Thursday 31 Jan, 7:30pm in and around the Dive Pool. Free entry and usage of fins & caps for anyone coming along. Have a look, or jump in the pool to throw the ball around and score a few goals. Registration forms will be on hand in case you’d like to join a team for the upcoming season.

See the About section for basic information about the game and check out the flyer for details about the Open Night. To existing members that want to help out, please pass the flyer along and/or put it up on notice boards.

The first regular season of 2013 will start on 7 Feb and we’re aiming to publish the roster by Monday the 4th at the latest. The final dates for the seasons will depend on the number of teams involved, but we’re shaping up for a minimum of 17 rounds (including finals), a break during the Easter period and finishing up mid June. Then a 4 week Social Competition and the second regular competition will close out the year from about August to early December.


About Water Basketball Tasmania
Water Basketball is a sport developed by The Hobart Aquatic Centre. It involves two teams of 6 players, who pass the ball down the pool to their goal end, which is a hoop similar to basketball. Each player wears flippers (and a cap to identify which team they are playing for). Goals are scored as two or three points depending how far from the goals you are.

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