2013 S1 R2 Results

Thursday 14/02/2013

Pink Pirates 31 def Beached Az 28
Clinton 11, Wes 14

Ducks Out Of Water 32 def by Sharks 55
Caroline 10, Taryn 14

Swordfish 34 def by Plankton 42
Liz 10, Jo/Daniel each 16

Brothers 33 def by Nuts 43
Matt 8, Tony 22

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics. After last night and as a generic reminder to all teams at the beginning of the season, please note that the scheduled Duty Teams are responsible for the following tasks (talk to a board member or umpire if you’re unsure how to do any of these):

Duty Teams

All our equipment is stored under the Dive Pool stands, at the far end to the right. Only the chairs are the exception, which are stored at the front right of that space.

First game time slot Duty Team

  1. At exactly 7:30pm (or earlier if not disturbing other THAC activities), bring out the baskets (located at far wall) and place them at the pools (using the big bolts where available). They can be heavy, so you are responsible for judging your ability to do this task. Note, that the basket at the children’s pool side of the 50m pool should not be installed until THAC staff have removed the lane ropes.
  2. If the 50m pool was used for lap swimming beforehand (usually the case), move the flag poles (one on each side) out to where the 50m pool out-of-bounds line is/will be.
  3. Bring out the red bin with the 50m out-of-bounds lane rope and hook that into both sides of the 50m pool (requires someone to swim it over).
  4. A similar rope should run under the dive boards in the Dive Pool. If not there, it is likely stored under the stands and needs to be put in place.
  5. Bring out the big green bin, caps cage, 3 red fin bins, 2 score boards, grey fold up table and 6 white chairs.
  6. Set up the table close to the stands, with enough space to walk around it.
  7. Place the fin bins behind it in a row, with the lids open.
  8. Place the green bin behind them and take out the flip-boards and tool box (with pens/receipt bags/timer/etc) and put these on the table.
  9. Take out the witches hats. Normally this bin also holds the balls, but until we get a lock for it, they will be taken home each week.
  10. Place the caps cage behind the bin.
  11. Place the witches hats at the 2 meter, 3 meter and center lines (ask a board member or umpire if you’re not sure about the distances).
  12. Place the scoreboards in the middle between the pools, on either side of the drain there, with 3 chairs on each outer side.
  13. All should be ready by 7:45pm for the games to start. Any delays will impact the entire evening schedule.
  14. At least 2 duty team members should be available for each game, to keep score as explained here and to keep time (after 7 minutes into each quarter, call out ‘1 minute’ to the umpires and teams).

Second game time slot Duty Team

  1. Directly after the first time slot has finished, at least 4 duty team members (2 each game) should be available to keep score as explained here and to keep time (after 7 minutes into each quarter, call out ‘1 minute’ to the umpires and teams).
  2. When the games have finished, take down the baskets and put them back against the Dive Pool back wall (they click into clasps), taking care not to lose the bolts. They can be heavy, so you are responsible for judging your ability to do this task.
  3. The 50m out-of-bounds line is retracted, put back into the red bin and wheeled back into the storage space under the stands.
  4. The clipboards (minus the sheets, which need to go to Kath or Dave), witches hats, tool box, (not the blue/yellow & purple/yellow balls until we have a lock) etc go back into the green bin, which goes into our above-mentioned equipment area.
  5. Once all players have (promptly) returned any borrowed fins/caps, the fin bins, cap cage and table go back into our equipment area.
  6. The chairs are stacked back with the other chairs under the stands.
  7. Do a final check around the pool, to make sure everything has been tidied away. Forgotten personal items should be dropped off at the THAC reception.

The list may seem exhaustive, but when everyone pulls together, it’s done in 5 minutes. Discuss Duty arrangements in your own team, to ensure that every team member participates.


About Water Basketball Tasmania
Water Basketball is a sport developed by The Hobart Aquatic Centre. It involves two teams of 6 players, who pass the ball down the pool to their goal end, which is a hoop similar to basketball. Each player wears flippers (and a cap to identify which team they are playing for). Goals are scored as two or three points depending how far from the goals you are.

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