2014 S1 Results R6

Thursday 20/03/2014

Beached Az 36 def by Plankton 38
Wes 20, Cathy 16

The Nuts 46 def Ducks 27
Tony 28, Cole 10

Pink Pirates 31 def by Sharks 40
Heidi 11, Phillip/Sophie each 14

Clownfish 22 def by Brothers 28
Brett 12, Matt 12

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

This week is all about timing. As you probably know, we play 4 x 8 minute quarters, interspersed with 2 minute breaks. Before each quarter, the umpires may give a 1 minute heads-up, and will sound the whistle with 30 seconds to go until starting time. All balls, except for the game ball, will need to be provided to the umpires and the starting players must be ready, on their own halves, before starting time. If this is not the case, the clock will start and the teams will lose time (so please be courteous to your fellow players and be on time). If not all players are in the pool at game start, they will have to enter via the normal interchange/substituting area.

7 minutes into each quarter the duty team should call ‘1 minute’. While not required, umpires will often call 1 minute and then 30 seconds as well. Note that while umpires may respond to players asking for time remaining, they are not required to do so, especially not when it reduces attention to frantic last minute game play.

If the end of a quarter coincides with the awarding of a free throw, the throw shall be taken (after time) in accordance with the rules. If the ball is in flight when time is called, and subsequently passes through the goal hoop, the resultant points will be awarded (see S.8.3 of the Regulations).

In a game where a result is required (10.3) and the score is level at the end of the fourth period, there shall be a 2 minute rest period followed by two further periods of extra-time comprising of 3 minutes of running time with no rest period in between. If the scores are level at the end of extra-time, there shall be a further 2 minute rest period followed by a continual period of ‘Golden Goal’ extra-time, whereby the team who scores the first goal shall be awarded the winner of the game.

If accident, injury or illness, including bleeding, occurs, a referee may at their discretion suspend the game for a maximum of 3 minutes, and will instruct the timekeeper accordingly (18.3).

Seconds anyone? A player cannot hold the ball in the same spot for more than 5 seconds (this resets as soon as you move) (15.15) and the ball may not be held under water for more than 2 consecutive seconds (15.4). This last one is generally only called when it appears intentional or when the possessing player benefits from the situation.

Well, I’m out of time – have a great weekend!


About Water Basketball Tasmania
Water Basketball is a sport developed by The Hobart Aquatic Centre. It involves two teams of 6 players, who pass the ball down the pool to their goal end, which is a hoop similar to basketball. Each player wears flippers (and a cap to identify which team they are playing for). Goals are scored as two or three points depending how far from the goals you are.

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