2014 S2 Results R10

Thursday 9/10/2014

Pink Pirates 22 def by The Nuts 52
Nick 15, Tony 28

Ducks 30 def by Clownfish 32
Ron 8, Sam 28

Beached Az 38 drew Brothers 38
Julia 28, Tim 17

Sharks 34 def by Plankton 36
Markus 24, Emma 20

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Rule Highlight of the Week

If you are not registered (name printed on the score sheet) with the team you are playing with on game night, you are filling in. (See S. 6 Fill-in Players) of the Regulations).

The captain of the team you are filling in for is ultimately responsible for writing your name on the sheet. Where to do this has been explained many times before, but is still done incorrectly in about 80% of all cases. As explained on the score sheet example, it is written in the Fill-in section with header ‘List FILL-INS below (NO Goal Points for Fill-Ins if Registered (Y) with another team)’.

The full name of the fill-in should be written there and if the fill-in is registered with another team, circle ‘Y’, or if not registered, wait for it, circle ‘N’. Lastly, don’t forget to add the cap number and ensure that it doesn’t double-up with any of the team members.


About Water Basketball Tasmania
Water Basketball is a sport developed by The Hobart Aquatic Centre. It involves two teams of 6 players, who pass the ball down the pool to their goal end, which is a hoop similar to basketball. Each player wears flippers (and a cap to identify which team they are playing for). Goals are scored as two or three points depending how far from the goals you are.

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