2017-18 S1 Results R2

Thursday 3/08/2017

Beached Az 52 def Ducks 44
Sam 32, Jayden 14

Brothers 32 drew Pink Pirates 32
Kath 10, Susan 20

Sea Serpents 38 def by Clownfish 40
Caitlin 18, Julie 14

The Nuts 51 def Sharks 24
Tony 31, Ellie 10

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

To all captains, please make sure you have submitted your most up to date team sheet no later than Wednesday.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Only 2 players of each team are allowed to occupy any space within each 2 meter area (see 15.8 and 15.9 of the Regulations).

Being fully ON the line is not really possible, unless you’ve been on a very strict diet, so umpires should generally go with the same rule that applies to a ball being out: if the majority of your fine physique is over the line, then you’re in the 2 meter area. The exception to that is the arm holding the ball since that constitutes an advantage within the 2 meter area. In other words, the extended arms of the 3rd team member into the 2 meter area (e.g. to grab or tap the ball, pass or shoot) also means you’re in the 2 meter area.

If it was a defensive foul, and the attacking team was in possession of the ball, the attacking player with the ball at the time of the foul must choose between taking the free throw either from the spot he/she was in at the time, or on the 2 meter line directly in front of goal (the player should indicate this last one to the umpire, or Play On may be called). If the attacking team was not in possession of the ball, then the free throw must always be taken on the 2 meter line directly in front of the goal by the attacking player nearest to the ball at the time of the foul.

If it was an attacking foul, then the ball goes to the defensive player nearest the ball at the time of the foul who must take the free throw from the 2 meter line, directly in front of the basket (see 14.3.2 of the Regulations). The umpires usually allow the free throw to be taken anywhere in the 2 meter area, but note that the ball may be called back in case of an unfair advantage.