2017-18 S1 Results R4

Thursday 17/08/2017

Sea Serpents 36 def Pink Pirates 35
Caitlin/Cole each 14, Mel 14

The Nuts 44 def Clownfish 14
Jemma 32, Mike 6

Sharks 36 def by Beached Az 54
Caitlin 16, Wes 20

Brothers 32 def Ducks 26
Anna 12, Andrew 8

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

As outlined in 14.7, whenever a player takes any kind of free throw (regular free throw, neutral ball, goal line throw in (after score), corner, side line (after ball goes out), penalty):

  1. No opposing player within 2 metres of the player taking the Free Throw may contest (defend) the taking of the throw or obstruct mechanics of the throw in any way; and
  2. No opposing player may be closer than 1 metre of the player taking the Free Throw.

The umpires may allow opposing players to be slightly within the 1-metre radius where practical, as long as the main aim of not interfering with the free throw is achieved.

On a pass or shot, defence of the player taking the free-throw may resume. If the player with the ball swims on from the free-throw spot, the umpire will call Play-On and defence can resume as well.