2017-18 S1 Results R11

Thursday 12/10/2017

Ducks 30 def by Sharks 45
Andrew 14, Markus 21

Brothers 22 def by The Nuts 36
Jo 6, Jemma 26

Sea Serpents 0 (forfeit) def by Pink Pirates 20

Beached Az 37 def by Clownfish 41
Wes 18, Brett 17

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

All fill-ins (both new and existing players) should not be written into the team’s list of registered players. Fill-in’s should be written into, surprisingly, the FILL-IN sections of the sheet, which are the 2 spots in the separate section below the team list. You should then, in the FILL-IN section, circle Y or N in front of the name to indicate whether the player is registered with another team or not, so the duty team knows whether their goals will count. Captains, please make sure you assist your players with this process.

As outlined in Section 3, new players will not be added to your team list until the captain updates the team registration sheet and submits it to Kyle and Dave. If a player is not registered (which must be done after playing 3 times with the team and to play finals), the player will be considered a fill-in and not be eligible for Top Scorers’ and Best & Fairest points.