2017-18 S2 Results GF & Awards

Thursday 14/06/2018

Sheep Stations 37 def Sea Serpents 34
Rob 21, Cole 14

The Nuts 44 def Sharks 26
Tony 22, Ellie 10

Please see this previous post for the final scores and awards for the 2017-18 Season 1.

The awards for both both seasons of the 2017-18 financial year were presented during the Winter Water Basketball dinner last Saturday. A big thank you to the 35 in attendance for making it another success.

With regards to the 2017-18 Season 2, congratulations to the Championship winners of Division 1, The Nuts and of Division 2, Sheep Stations. A big congratulations also to the winners of the Individual Awards:

2017-18 Season 2:

  • Best & Fairest Female: Nicki Fox (Ducks)
  • Best & Fairest Male: Tim Hynes (Beached Az)
  • Most improved Female: Julie Mc (Clownfish)
  • Most improved Male: Dylan graham (Sharks)

The complete Best & Fairest list (of those who received points) has now been updated in the Stats section for this season. With 286 points for the season, Jemma Dazeley once more bagged the top scorer spot, closely followed by Tony Edmondson with 275 and Cole Dabner in third with 215 points.

As usual, I’d like to take a moment here to recognise the contributions of duty teams, captains, umpires and board members! Without everyone’s help and enthusiasm we wouldn’t be able to keep this competition running as smoothly as it has been. A small effort on everyone’s part constitutes a significant result for everyone to enjoy. As always Sylvie’s help with setting up equipment continues to be appreciated 🙂 . We were fortunate again this season to have 8 (reasonably) solid teams, so a special thank you to all Captains for keeping their teams organised and engaged, particularly with the added membership fee collection effort, and the Board for their work behinds the scenes.

The Incorporated Association’s Annual General Meeting is due and will be held prior to Round 1 of next season, which will be on the 26th of July, 6:30pm – 7:30pm in DKHAC meeting room 1 (Dive pool). All players are invited to attend. The agenda will be communicated to the captains via email closer to the meeting date. One of the items discussed will be Board membership. The current Board members have all confirmed they’re happy to continue in their current roles. However, if any player wishes to nominate themselves for a position on the board, the nomination should be submitted to me via email by Friday 20 July 5pm at the latest, so it can be voted upon (via email through captains) in the lead-up to, and confirmed in, the AGM.

We’ll kick the 2018-19 first season off with a Come & Try night on 19 July, followed by the first round on the 26th. For the full year’s schedule, as usual, check the Roster page.

It sounds like all teams are good to continue and have their captains in place. To assist in planning, it would be very useful if the Captains could indicate as early as possible whether their team will need help with finding new players, and if they do, please make sure to attend the Come & Try night. Similarly, the sooner umpires can confirm with Tony whether they intend to continue umpiring next season the better. Captains will need to submit their team registration sheets by Sunday the 22nd of July at the latest (start with confirmed players only; it’s easier to add than to remove when doing the Stats).

The fees for the 2018-19 financial year have been negotiated to remain the same as last year, which is great news, and the usual detailed information wil be emailed to the captains for distribution.

New/interested players are encouraged to attend the Come & Try night and/or send us an email with your enquiry through our enquiry form. The usual notification and poster will make its way onto the website and into DKHAC in the lead up to the night as well. Kyle has posted the event on our Facebook page, so you can share that on your timeline.

Thank you all for another great season; hope to see you all back in the pool in July. 🙂