2018-19 S1 Roster Update

Hi all,

Please note the following updates to the 2018-19 first season planning. Note, that the Come & Try night will still be on Thursday 19/7 as originally scheduled.

  • Round 1 has been delayed by 1 week due to the Australian School Sports Swimming Championships (DKHAC apologises for the late notice) and will now take place on Thursday the 2nd of August.
  • The Water Polo Nationals are scheduled for the first week of October, so Water Basketball will have a break that week.

The planner on the Roster page has been updated accordingly.

It is currently also unclear whether we will have 8 or 9 teams. This depends to a large extent on whether certain teams are able to find a few more players during the Come & Try night (so the Round 1 delay may not be such a bad thing).

Once that has been confirmed, we’ll be able to finalise the season structure, possibly further affecting the dates and introducing byes if we end up with 9 teams.

We aim to publish the detailed roster for the first season of 2018-19 during the weekend prior to Round 1 at the latest.