2018-19 S1 Results R2

Thursday 09/08/2018

Brothers 42 drew Clownfish 42
Anna 20, Brett/Natalie each 14

Sharks 38 def Sheep Stations 27
Mikalah 20, Clinton 11

The Sisters 54 def Ducks 21
Rebecca 28, Katie 8

The Nuts 54 def Beached Az 26
Jemma 44, Wes 14

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Reminder for Umpires and Captains: Umpiring meeting next week on 16 Aug at 6:30pm in the Dive Pool meeting room. The Regulations must be read prior to that meeting.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Only 2 players of each team are allowed to occupy any space within each 2 meter area (see 15.8 and 15.9 of the Regulations).

For full details on the rule, see a previous post, but to highlight the things to do when this foul is called in the offensive team’s favour:

  • The player with the ball at the time (or nearest if no possession) gets to take the free throw.
  • You must take the free throw either on the spot that player was on at the time of the foul call, OR, directly in front of the basket on the 2-meter line. It’s your choice and you should make your decision clear to players and umpires.
  • If you take the free throw in the 2-meter area (on the line is also considered in the 2-meter area), then only 1 other player from your team can be in the 2-meter area.
  • From the free throw spot (you may be called back if not on the designated spot), you may shoot, pass or swim.
    • If you swim, the umpires will call Play On and the defenders may resume defending.

Please remind your team mates of this process, since umpires keep having to explain the rule even to experienced players, and it can get confusing trying to shout a rule explanation over the water to people with ear guards on.