2018-19 S1 Results R5

Thursday 30/08/2018

Clownfish 29 def by The Nuts 58
Julie 8, Jemma 30

Beached Az 42 def The Sisters 25
Wes 18, Rebecca/Shaun each 10

Sheep Stations 18 def by Brothers 24
Greer 12, Anna 16

Sharks 32 def Ducks 30
Markus 14, Nicki 12

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Any player entering the pool during game play must do so via the Substitution area at the centre line (s.5).

Entering the field of play in any other manner may result in a minor foul and turn over to be taken from the half-way line if the offending team is in possession of the ball at the time.

If the offending team is not in possession then the player must leave the field while play continues and the player must re-enter through the Substitution area. In this scenario, play will only be stopped by the umpire if the in-possession team suffers any disadvantage from the illegal entry, or if there is a potential risk of harm to any player.