2017-18 S2 Results R7

Thursday 22/03/2018

Sea Serpents 42 def by Sharks 54
Cole 16, Markus 18

Ducks 20 def by The Nuts 49
Andrew/Sophie 6, Jemma 20

Brothers 22 drew Sheep Stations 22
Jo/Anna each 6, Nicole 12

Clownfish 30 def by Beached Az 43
Brett 18, Sam 19

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

REMINDER: No games during the next two weeks, as we break for Easter. The competition resumes with Round 8 on the 12th of April.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Some reminders of things that are still regularly forgotten and add extra work to the volunteers coordinating the scoresheets, results and stats:

  • All captains should make sure that any newly registered players are added onto the Team Registration Sheet and emailed to Kyle and Dave at least a day prior to game night.
  • Anyone who is not printed on the scoresheet (unless there was some miscommunication) is considered a Fill-In and should be written into the 2-line box below the team list, with header ‘List FILL-INS below’.
    • If the player is registered with another team, circle Y in front of the name. Scores won’t count from R4 onwards and B&F points are never awarded.
    • If the player is new and not registered with any team, circle N in front of the name. Scores count, but B&F points will not be awarded until the player registers with a team.
      • A player can play up to 3 games with the team before needing to register.
      • Ideally, a player should not be added onto the Team Sheet until you’re reasonably sure they can commit to the season.
  • Cap numbers should be checked and, if needed, updated on the scoresheet prior to game start. If the number is printed on the sheet and is no longer correct, this needs to be updated on the Team Sheet and submitted by the captain as mentioned above.
  • The Duty Team member competing the score sheet should tally all scores horizontally at the end of the game and write their name at the bottom of the completed scoresheet.

2017-18 S1 Come & Try Night

We’re kicking off the new season again with a Come & Try night this Wednesday the 26th of July, at 7:30pm in the Dive Pool. To those new to the game, come and check it out and to existing players, bring your friends along :-). Remember, the season starts the following DAY on 27 July, so now’s the time to give it a go!

Pool entry is free; just mention at Reception that you’re there for the Water Basketball Come & Try night. We also have caps and limited fins available, but if you have your own (regular sized, not scuba) fins then we recommend you bring those.

If you’d like to print the below flyer (for yourself or to help out by giving it to friends, posting it at your work, etc.) then click on the pdf image below (Adobe Reader required).

2017-18 S1 Come & Try

Spectator entry

Hi folks,

A while back I informed the captains and umpires of the User Group changes implemented by DKHAC as of 1 July 2016. One of those changes concerns spectator entry, which basically is a $2 charge for any spectator/non-player over 16 years of age.

At the time I asked the captains to relay this information to their players. DKHAC has now sent the following reminder:

As a courtesy could please again inform/remind all of your spectators/non swimmers that this is now a requirement of entry. We ask that you please ensure you make all appropriate efforts to communicate this to your group members and associates to assist with the implementation.

We also understand that this may impact parents/guardians who have previously entered the centre to pick up participants. We will now be requesting that unless the non-swim entry fee is paid, that pick up occurs in the centre foyer.

Please note this fee applies to any person over 16 years of age entering the centre.

We appreciate your assistance and support with this fee and thank you for your ongoing patronage of the centre.


2012 S1 Round 2 Results

Thursday 23/02/2012

Nuts 63 def Swordfish 24
Tony 36, Liz 14

Plankton 32 def Frank N’ Beans 21
Cathy/Jo each 14, Tim 10

Sharks 50 def Pink Pirates 33
Peter 22, Clinton 15

Brothers 41 def Ducks 22
Susannah 18, Kyle 12

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

As you may have noticed, there is also a new poll on the website, on the right sidebar, regarding Tuesday training sessions. The Board is considering to bring the Tuesday training sessions back to life and perhaps add a bit more structure to them. Since it involves us putting in the extra time, it would be great to get your views on the initiative. Besides vote, feel free to comment on this post as well.

With regards to new players, please continue to contact Peter Gardiner for this on 0414 896 834 (both if you are a new player, or if you are Captain of a team and need more players), who will coordinate this further. Alternatively, you can use the contact form on this website to get things started.

Water Basketball in 2012

Best wishes for the new year! We’re already well into 2012 and it’s time to starting thinking about dusting off those fins once again.

Emails have already gone out to captains of existing teams, requesting 2012 (at least season 1) confirmation from each participating team. As per previous seasons, we’ll need an updated team sheet from each captain as early as possible. This year, Kath will be taking on the Statistics role, which includes team registration, so email her your sheets (I’m hesitant to post email addresses for spam reasons, so if you don’t have her email, send them to me, as each captain will have my address already).

Water basketball in 2012 will be similar to 2011, but a bit more balanced with regards to season duration:

  • 2 and 9 Feb Come & Try nights (7:45pm start – anyone can come along for a scratch match)
  • Season 1 runs from 16 Feb to 7 June, which is 14 rounds plus 3 finals weeks
  • Social competition from 14 June to 26 July, which is 5 rounds (for 6 mixed teams so everyone plays each other once) and 2 finals weeks.
  • Season 2 runs from 2 Aug to 29 Nov, which is 14 rounds plus 3 finals weeks

The regular seasons are based on 8 teams, each playing each other twice, which adds up to 14 rounds (of 2 games at 7:45pm and 2 at 8:30pm each), plus 3 finals weeks. Show day is the only public holiday this year that falls on a Thursday and has been taken into account. The 8th team still needs to be established, so if you are not registered with a team and interested in playing, or know of anyone, do get in touch either via email or the new Enquiry Form.

Besides the come & try nights, we’ll still have the first 3 rounds to settle teams etc, so expect a 3 round roster, and the rest of the season to follow, as previously done. The game night entry fee, for both non-HAC and HAC members, will remain $9.25 ($7.40 entry, plus $1.85 membership fee), at least until the 30th of June.

As an aside, besides Kath’s new role above, John will take on the role of Chief Umpire, while Kyle will be doing the regular roster and duty teams. For a full list of new roles & responsibilities, check the board page.

We hope to see all of you again this year and perhaps welcome a few new faces!


Game Night Payment Process

To all players,

As you are aware there will be a new payment on entry system for Waterbasketball for the Season 2 roster.

Instead of a one-off registration fee combined with weekly entry fees, all players (both HAC members and Non-members) are now required to pay a single entry fee of $9.25 per week. (NB If your game is forfeited and you have paid to enter the centre, you will receive a credit to play the following week, not a refund – see Peter G for details).

Once you have paid your entry fee you will receive a receipt. Please take the receipt to the scorers desk, tick off your name as “paid” in the Paid column on the scoresheet for your game, then put your name on the receipt and place it into the envelope marked with the name of your Team.

At the end of the night all scoresheets and team envelopes will be checked to ensure that players have paid. Teams playing unpaid players will incur a penalty.

Please note that once you have paid $9.25 you may play more than one game on the night eg; as a fill-in for example.

This process may mean that team captains may need to arrive a little earlier to ensure the process outlined goes ahead smoothly over the first few weeks.

Thankyou for you co-operation in regard to this process.

Peter Gardiner
Waterbasketball Board
Hobart Aquatic Centre
Ph 62226999
Ph 0414896834

New Roster & Game Night Structure

Click to open a pdf containing the below information (req. Adobe Reader) for printing/saving purposes.

The Board has discussed the issue of two very long seasons and has taken into account the issues raised in relation to the roster and game night structure.

First off, due to reduced team numbers, all Season’s game nights will revert to the Thursday nights only (with at most one 9.15pm game). The Tuesdays will return to being training/scratch match nights.

Secondly, we would like to introduce a new yearly structure of 3 terms, worked around the school holidays with the 1st and 3rd seasons being regular seasons where all teams play each other once, with a 2 week Finals period each.

The 2nd, mid-term, season will be a shorter roster that, for that season only, mixes up players to make new even teams with the aim of brightening up the competition and allowing a more social roster to run.

For the new Mid-Term Season, even teams will be created by the Board, so players get to mingle with players from other teams from a social perspective and lower division players get to play with more experienced players in order to learn more about the game and improve their skills. The Mid-Term Season ends with one Finals day, and includes a barbeque. Underwater Hockey will have a separate team in this mid-term competition as well.

Please note that the new 3 Season structure will be implemented this year, but will be slightly skewed in duration of seasons during the 1st longer Season. If this new structure proves to be a success, 2012 will see a more even distribution of seasons throughout the year.

Process to play in the Mid-Term Season

To play, submit your full name and contact phone number via email to taswaterbasketball@gmail.com by Grand final Night (23rd of June) at the latest. For this season only, players do not have to be registered with THAC for water basketball, nor do fill-in and forfeit rules apply. Please note that by submitting your name, we’re counting on your participation to make this mid-term social roster a success.

  • Players submit their names & contact numbers by the 23rd of June via email. Players may nominate one (only) other player to be in the same team with.
  • Eight teams will be created (including names) by the Board, mixing players evenly based on experience.
  • The Board meets June 30, after which team and roster information will be published on the website.
  • The Mid-Term Season starts on July 7th and runs for 8 weeks only.
  • As per the new fee arrangements starting 1 July 2011 (as previously posted), registration as a bulk payment will no longer be paid for any season and instead players will only be required to pay a slightly increased water basketball entry fee of $9.25 on each game night. ALL players need to pay this fee, regardless of whether or not they are THAC members. Receipts must be submitted into an envelope available on the scoring table each night, to be verified by the Duty team.
  • As mentioned, new players are welcome and fill-in & forfeiting rules don’t apply, but once the new mid-term season roster starts, players can only transfer between teams with Board approval.
  • One Grand Final day to end the season, including prizes and a barbeque, on Saturday August 27th.