2012 S1 R10 Results

Thursday 26/04/2012

Swordfish 0 def by Plankton 20 (forfeit)

The Nuts 41 def Sharks 38
Tony 20, Peter 14

Frank Nā€™ Beans 50 def Ducks 30
Tim 16, Tom 12

Brothers 52 def Pink Pirates 28
Elias 22, Jacquie 12

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

The poll on Tuesday training nights has been closed, with the following results:

Yes, and I’d attend most nights. – 8 votes
Yes, but I’d only attend occasionally. – 8 votes
No, I wouldn’t. – 3 votes

Out of a member base of about 78 registered players.

Between these results and the verbal feedback received, it seems not convincing enough to warrant bring the Tuesday training back at this point in the season. However, we will likely be revisiting this initiative for the 2nd regular season and do a few trial runs. Perhaps a different format, with some drills, or having a training once every fortnight, should you have any ideas, please share.

Lastly, the website page menu has been slightly reorganised. The About section now contains a page called The Basics, which aims to provide basic information to those looking to become involved (so if anyone asks you, that would be an easy link to pass on).


2012 S1 Round 2 Results

Thursday 23/02/2012

Nuts 63 def Swordfish 24
Tony 36, Liz 14

Plankton 32 def Frank Nā€™ Beans 21
Cathy/Jo each 14, Tim 10

Sharks 50 def Pink Pirates 33
Peter 22, Clinton 15

Brothers 41 def Ducks 22
Susannah 18, Kyle 12

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

As you may have noticed, there is also a new poll on the website, on the right sidebar, regarding Tuesday training sessions. The Board is considering to bring the Tuesday training sessions back to life and perhaps add a bit more structure to them. Since it involves us putting in the extra time, it would be great to get your views on the initiative. Besides vote, feel free to comment on this post as well.

With regards to new players, please continue to contact Peter Gardiner for this on 0414 896 834 (both if you are a new player, or if you are Captain of a team and need more players), who will coordinate this further. Alternatively, you can use the contact form on this website to get things started.

Easter & Forfeiting

Please note that there will not be any games over the Easter break April 22nd ā€“ May 1 inclusive (so basically, next week). This works out well, as this week will see the last round (11) of the first part of this season. From round 12 onwards, teams split into 2 divisions ā€“ the top 6 and the bottom 6 (as per end of this week). Teams only play other teams in their own division for the remainder of the roster. The aim is to post the roster for that part of the season on the website early next week. There will be the usual 3 divisions for the finals.

The poll regarding the roster structure shows a preference (14 out of 22 votes) towards playing each team twice per season. The board did consider this, but was unable to fit this into this season and decided to stick with the orginal (above mentioned as well as mentioned below the roster) structure and aim to re-structure the roster for next season in stead. The roster poll will be removed this week and replaced with a question regarding the game night structure.

A short note on teams that forfeit a game. Besides the rules listed under Section 19 of the Water Basketball Rules & Regulations, please note the following:

  • Teams, through their Captains, should notify at least 1 Board Member (preferably Peter Gardiner) and the opposing team captain as early as possible of an intended forfeit. Email addresses can be found in some of the emails the team captains have been receiving (we’re hesitant to put email addresses on the website as that might result in spam).
  • When a team forfeits, it’s usually not because all players can’t make it. If you discuss the forfeit ahead of time with a board member, then it is very likely that a scratch match can still be played (with fill-ins from the opposing or another team).
  • The second point above is especially important when your team is on Duty. If your team forfeits but is scheduled for Duty, you are still expected to be present for Duty, unless other arrangements have been made through consultation with the board. Not attending would leave up to four (!) other teams without anyone to score and time for them, which we’re sure you wouldn’t appreciate if that were to happen to you.

Round 4 Results

Tuesday 1/03/11
Crabs 0 (forfeit) def by Sharks 20

Plankton 24 def by Ducks 40
Jo 10, Ron 14

Thursday 3/03/11
Nullabor 34 def by Pink Pirates 46
Clinton 16, Jacquie 22

Brothers 39 def by Frank & Beans 43
Susannah 20, Michael 14

Nuts 59 def Swordfish 32
Tony 26, Elias 18

Lobsters 0 (forfeit) def by Sea Snakes 20

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

In addition, check out the Poll in the side bar to your right (below Recent Comments) and vote on what kind of roster you prefer. The Board’s ability to tailor the program to the majority of its players is greatly dependent on the feedback it receives.