2016-17 S2 Roster Update

DKHAC has been given the opportunity to host the Australian Water Polo Country Championships from 17th May to 21st May 2017. To accommodate the schedule for this championship they have needed to change a number of bookings, including our 18 May game night.

So, no games on 18 May and the remainder of the roster has been pushed out by 1 week. This means the regular part of the season now ends on 1 June, the finals weeks are on 8, 15 and 22 June, and our club dinner will be on 24 June (please mark in your calendars).

Umpires, should this change present any difficulties, please get in touch with John asap.

Lastly, a reminder that we’re heading into the Easter break. So no games this week or next and we’ll resume with Round 10 on 27 April.

Hope you enjoy the Easter break πŸ™‚

2016-17 S2 Come & Try Night

We’re kicking off the new year again with a Come & Try night on the 2nd of February, at 7:30pm in the Dive Pool. To those new to the game, come and check it out and to existing players, bring your friends along :-). Remember, the season starts the following week on 9 February, so now’s the time to give it a go!

Pool entry is free, just mention at Reception that you’re there for the Water Basketball Come & Try night. We also have caps and fins available, but if you have your own (regular sized, not scuba) fins then we recommend you bring those.

If you’d like to print the below flyer (for yourself or to help out by giving it to friends, posting it at your work, etc.) then click on the pdf image below (Adobe Reader required).


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas!

2016-17 S1 End of Season

Thanks to those attending the BBQ last Saturday :-). It was nice to see that despite the busy time of the year a decent number of us had found the time to catch up with other team players, which included their children, the next generation of Water Basketball players.

In addition to recognising the Division winners, DKHAC free entry vouchers were presented to winners of individual awards:

2016 Season 1

  • Best & Fairest Female: Ellie Bucher 17 (Sharks)
  • Best & Fairest Male: Sam Scandrett 18 (Beached Az)
  • Most Improved Female: Jemma Dazeley (Nuts)
  • Most Improved Male: James Barnes (Sea Snakes)

2016-17 Season 1 (switch to financial year season naming)

  • Best & Fairest Female: Alyce Francis (Beached Az)
  • Best & Fairest Male: Cole Dabner (Ducks)
  • Most improved Female: Caitlin Barber (Sea Snakes)
  • Most improved Male: Chris Waugh (Pink Pirates)

Congratulations everyone; all well deserved! The complete Best & Fairest list (of those who received points) has now been updated in the Stats section for this season.

Tony Edmondson (The Nuts) maintained his traditional number 1 spot on the top scorers ladder this season with 282 points, closely followed by Jemma Dazeley (The Nuts) with 278 points and Markus Bucher (Sharks) with 227 points.

I’d like to take a moment here to recognise the contributions of duty teams, captains, umpires and board members! Without everyone’s help and enthusiasm we wouldn’t be able to keep this competition running as smoothly as it has been. A small effort on everyone’s part constitutes a significant result for everyone to enjoy. As always Andrew efforts in for providing us with game highlights on Facebook are appreciated as well. We were fortunate again this season to have 8 (reasonably) solid teams, so a special thank you to all Captains for keeping their teams organised and engaged, particularly with the added membership fee collection effort, and the Board for their work behinds the scenes in leading the competition through the recent organisational changes without really any noticeable negative impact to the game.

Since we now operate by financial year, which runs from 1/7-30/6, next season’s structure and cost will stay exactly the same. As per the Water Basketball Year Planner, we’ll start off with a (free) Come & Try night on 2 February and Round 1 on 9 February. The season will run as usual, with 14 regular rounds and 3 finals rounds, with the only break in the season for Easter. We’re scheduled to finish the season with the Grand Finals on 15 June, followed by our newly introduced mid-year Water Basketball event on Saturday 17 June.

It will be a dinner for all teams in the function room of the Ball & Chain and is shaping up to be a great night out so please keep this night free in your calendars. All we need now is a catchy name, somewhat Dark MoFo-like. The WeeBees? The Water Ball? Send in your idea and I’ll put up a poll during next season so you can all vote for it. Based on the votes, the board will make a final decision, consider it to be our Boaty McBoatface disclaimer, and the winner takes home a, possibly framed, DKHAC free entry voucher.

To assist in planning, it would be very useful if the Captains could indicate as early as possible whether their team will continue to play next year (so we can determine whether the competition will remain financially viable). Similarly, the sooner umpires can confirm with John whether they intend to continue umpiring next season the better. Closer to the start (19 January at the latest) Captains should confirm their team’s ability to pay the current team registration fee of $960 (between about $7-$10 per player per game, depending on team numbers) submit their team sheets to me, so we can get the stats and scoresheets side of things organised.

New/interested players are encouraged to attend the Come & Try night on 2 Feb and/or send us an email with your inquiry through our enquiry form.

Thank you all for another great season; hopefully you’ll have a great Christmas break and much health and happiness for 2017! πŸ™‚


2016-17 S1 Results GF

Thursday 1/12/2016

The Nuts 43 def Pink Pirates 21
Jemma 16, Clinton 9

Beached Az 36 def Clownfish 29
Sam 16, Brett 17

Congratulations to the Championship winners of Division 1, The Nuts and of Division 2, Beached Az! The winners of the Individual Awards will be announced during the end-of-season get-together and awards presentations BBQ at the Waterworks Site 1, tomorrow Saturday 3 Dec, starting from 11:30am onward with the awards part taking place around 1:00pm.

It would be great to see as many people at the BBQ as possible and catch up with people away from the pool deck before we belly-splash into the silly season. BYO food/drinks/etc (each team should cater for itself) and the whole family is welcome!

Come & Try Night

Just a reminder that we’ve got our pre-season Come & Try night tomorrow, Thursday 21/7, 7:30pm – 9pm in the Dive Pool. Entry is free for all participants (just mention that you’re there for the Water Basketball come & try night at reception). As usual, we have fins and caps on lend but recommend those with fins to bring their own.

See also: https://www.facebook.com/the.hobart.aquatic.centre/

Flyer 2016 Come and Try

2016 S2 Come & Try Night

I can confirm that there will be a Come & Try night on Thursday 21 July (the week before Round 1 on 28 July) from 7:30pm – 9pm in the Dive Pool. Entry is free for all participants (just mention that you’re there for the Water Basketball come & try night at reception). As usual, we have fins and caps on lend but recommend those with fins to bring their own.

Anyone is welcome, but I thoroughly recommend that at least the captains of all teams needing players be present. Teams needing players should do some serious recruiting leading up to the Come & Try night and bring anyone interested along to that night.