2018-19 S2 Results GF & Awards

Thursday 13/06/2019

The Nuts 44 def Brothers 34
Tony 28, Kath/Anna each 10

Sheep Stations 37 def by Beached Az 40
Rob 15, Christy 16

Please see this previous post for the final scores and awards for the 2018-19 Season 1.

The awards for both both seasons of the 2018-19 financial year were presented during the Winter Water Basketball dinner yesterday at Amici restaurant in North Hobart. A big thank you to the 49 in attendance for making it another very enjoyable evening!

With regards to the 2018-19 Season 2, congratulations to the Championship winners of Division 1, The Nuts and of Division 2, Beached Az. A big congratulations also to the winners of the Individual Awards:

2018-19 Season 2:

  • Best & Fairest Female: Nykita Moore (Sharks)
  • Best & Fairest Male: Stewart Wilde (Sheep Stations)
  • Most improved Female: Kylie Sih (Beached Az)
  • Most improved Male: Jayden Petrusma (Ducks)

The complete Best & Fairest list (of those who received points) has now been updated in the Stats section for this season. The female players did very well and convincingly took up the overall top 3 spots on the B & F ladder! With 284 points for the season, Jemma Dazeley once more bagged the top scorer spot, followed by Tony Edmondson with 230 and Nykita Moore in third with 200 points.

As usual, I’d like to take a moment here as well to thank all members for being a part of the sport and DKHAC for sponsoring the Come & Try nights & promotion, MIP vouchers and being flexible with regards to bookings. Furthermore, I’d like to recognise the contributions of duty teams, the captains who organise their teams and fees, the umpires who have the difficult task of umpiring games where they can only see half the players ๐Ÿ™‚ and of course the board members who keep it all going behind the scenes.

Without everyone’s help and enthusiasm we wouldn’t be able to keep this competition running as smoothly as it has been. A small effort on everyone’s part constitutes a significant result for everyone to enjoy. As always Sylvie’s help with setting up equipment continues to be appreciated and Andrew taking photos and keeping an eye on the facebook page.

During this past year we successfully increased the number of teams from 8 to 9 and, if we’re able to maintain this, we’ll need to adjust the roster accordingly so that each team can play each other twice. I have received commitments for next season from most captains, but until all teams are confirmed, we cannot fix the dates for the Come & Try night and start of the season. I’ll send out an email to the captains soon, so please confirm asap. To everyone else, keep an eye on the website for further news, or better yet, subscribe for email notifications at the top right of this page.

As mentioned last night, there are also some changes in progress with regards to our User Group Agreement with DKHAC and its likely return to a calendar year approach. This in turn would mean a change in our Incorporated Association’s schedule, annual financial reporting, roster planning & booking and the timing of the Annual General Meeting. More about all that in an email to the captains as well.

Thank you all for another great season; hope to see you all back in the pool in July. ๐Ÿ™‚



2018-19 S2 Results SF

Thursday 6/06/2019

The Krillers 32 def by Brothers 34
Cole 16, Anna 18

Beached Az 44 def Ducks 26
Christy 26, Ron/Nicki each 12

The Grand Finals roster, including duty and umpiring, has now been posted on the Roster page.

The details of the Winter Water Basketball Awards night on 15/6, regarding venue, booking and payment, have been emailed to your captains last week so please check with them for details. It will be at Amici in North Hobart, $40 menu of limited choice and byo bottled wine (only). Try and get as many of your team to come along; it will be great to see you all there ๐Ÿ™‚

Weekly Rule Highlight

Highlighting a few aspects of Free Throws this week.

A goal may be scored directly from any Free Throw except for the Neutral Ball (must pass first).

During a Free Throw (including the Restart Throw-in, which occurs after a score), opposing players within 2 meters may not contest the ball (i.e. defend). In accordance with 14.7.1, players may be no closer than 1 meter from the player taking the free throw. However, this is not always enforced when it concerns space limitations in the 2 meter area and/or the shooter is clearly not hindered in his/her actions or there is advantage in being able to play on quickly. The main thing umpires look for is that you do not defend the free throw.

If the quarter ends before the Free Throw can be taken (for all except Neutral Ball), then the relevant player may still take the shot at goal. This is of course without further movement, e.g. if it concerns a Corner Throw-in then the shot needs to be taken from the corner.

A final thing to emphasise with regards to Corner Throw-ins, is that they are in fact Free Throws and they work similarly. From a Corner you are allowed to pass, swim and score directly, without having to pass the ball to another player first.

2018-19 S2 Results R14

Thursday 23/05/2019

Ducks 34 def The Sisters 32
Marlyce 10, Alex 12

Sharks 34 def Clownfish 32
Nylita 16, Brett 14

Sheep Stations 38 def by The Nuts 50
Susan 16, Tony/Jemma each 20

Brothers 48 def Beached Az 32
Kath 12, Wes 24

BYE The Krillers

The Quarter Finals will be played next week on 30/5, for which the roster, including duty and umpiring, has now been posted on the Roster page. The finals structure will be the same as previous seasons with 9 teams, where the 9th team is directly eliminated from the finals and the top 8 play the usual Div 1 and Div 2 QF/SF/GF finals series.

If all 9 teams continue next season, pending feedback from the captains, the board proposes to change the season structure to 18 regular rounds (so each team can play each other twice and include byes), with the usual 3 finals rounds, or perhaps reduce that to 2 finals rounds.

The Semi Finals take place on 6/6, Grand Finals on 13/6 and Winter Water Basketball Awards night on 15/6. More details to follow on the awards night, but please continue to keep that date (evening) free in your calendar.

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics and finalised for the season.

Weekly Rule Highlight

The duration of the game, breaks and potential overtime are described in Section 10.

As pretty much everyone knows, a game lasts for 4 periods of 8 minutes of playing time. Rest time between quarters is 2 minutes and with 30 seconds to go both teams should take their places on the field. Please don’t be late, since that affects everyone involved, including potentially pushes out the game finishing time which then impacts the next two teams.

Lesser known is what happens when regular time ends in a draw in a game where a result is required, i.e. a finals game. If that happens, there will be the normal 2 minute rest period followed by two further 3-minute periods (teams swap sides for the 2nd period) of extra-time with no rest period in between.

The team that previously won the toss has starting possession for the first period of overtime and the opposing team has starting possession for the second period of overtime. The Neutral ball rule should continue as is; i.e. it does not reset back to the team that started the game if it is the other team’s turn.

If the scores are level at the end of overtime, there will be a further 2-minute rest period followed by a continual period of ‘Golden Goal’ overtime. So, the team that scores the first goal wins. Note, the team starting with starting possession and Neutral ball possession for ‘Golden Goal’ overtime will be determined by a new toss.

2018-19 S2 Results R13

Thursday 16/05/2019

Clownfish 40 def Ducks 37
Julie 18, Andrew 15

The Nuts 44 def Beached Az 29
Jemma 36, Kylie 12

The Sisters 20 def by The Krillers 40
Rebecca 16, Cole 16

Sheep Stations 39 def by Sharks 42
Greer 18, Nykita 24

BYE Brothers

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

With the Finals rapidly approaching, a quick word on Fill-In arrangements during the Finals period of a season. During that time, teams may not use fill-ins from other teams or non-registered players and may not field additional male players from the same team should there be less than 3 females available. To play in the Finals, a player must be registered and have played with a team at least 3 games before he/she is allowed to play for that team in the Finals. Note, that if a forfeit occurred, all players registered at the time of that game will be considered as having played that game (3.4.1).

When a team has less than 6 players (registered with that team) available to play during Finals and the missing player(s) cannot play due to medical reasons (a medical certificate must be presented to a Board member before the game), replacement fill-in(s) may be used regardless of whether they have played the minimum of 3 games with that team (6.7.1).

These are the rules, but we always aim to be flexible when considering each team’s circumstances. Any proposed deviations from the above will need to be discussed with the opposing Captain and at least one Board member as early as possible before the game (e.g. via email days before). Should the opposing team not agree with the suggested changes, then that stands and should not be subject to further objections.

2018-2019 S2 Results R12

Thursday 9/05/2019

Beached Az 34 def by Clownfish 50
Wes 14, Brett 20

The Krillers 50 def Sharks 46
Lauren 18, Ellie 16

Ducks 34 def by Brothers 48
Nicki 12, Anna 18

The Sisters 22 def by The Nuts 56
Steve 12, Jemma 30

BYE Sheep Stations

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Some reminders of things that are still regularly forgotten and add extra work to the volunteers coordinating the scoresheets, results and stats:

  • All captains should make sure that any newly registered players are added onto the Team Registration Sheet and emailed to Dean and Dave at least a day prior to game night.
  • Anyone who is not printed on the scoresheet (unless there was some miscommunication) is considered a Fill-In and should be written into the 2-line box below the team list, with header ‘List FILL-INS below’.
    • If the player is registered with another team, circle Y in front of the name. Scores won’t count from R4 onwards and B&F points are never awarded.
    • If the player is new and not registered with any team, circle N in front of the name. Scores count, but B&F points will not be awarded until the player registers with a team.
      • A player can play up to 3 games with the team before needing to register.
      • Ideally, a player should not be added onto the Team Sheet until you’re reasonably sure they can commit to the season.
  • Cap numbers should be checked and, if needed, updated on the scoresheet prior to game start. If the number is printed on the sheet and is no longer correct, this needs to be updated on the Team Sheet and submitted by the captain as mentioned above.
  • The Duty Team member competing the score sheet should tally all scores horizontally at the end of the game and write their name at the bottom of the completed scoresheet.

2018-19 S2 Results R11

Thursday 2/05/2019

Sharks 44 def by Beached Az 46
Nykita 26, Alison/Kylie each 14

Clownfish 26 def by Sheep Stations 38
Julie 10, Rob/Greer each 12

Brothers 40 def by The Nuts 44
Anna 18, Tony 22

Ducks 34 def by The Krillers 44
Nicki 16, Sophie 18

BYE The Sisters

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

As described in section 7.4 of the Regulations; if a foul is committed and the player being fouled has the advantage or can even just play on immediately without obstruction, the umpires can choose to call โ€œAdvantage โ€“ Play Onโ€ (with or without blowing the whistle first).

“Play On” can also be called if both players committed a light minor foul on each other and neither was truly disadvantaged. So, more like a neutral ball situation created by two players bumping into each other at the same time while trying to get to the ball.

The umpires should ensure that neither player/team is truly disadvantaged in this scenario, and that should be applied even more stringently when the game is close and in the fourth quarter (this is not a rule, but a recommended interpretation).

2018-19 S2 Results R10

Thursday 18/04/2019

The Nuts 69 def Sharks 46
Tony 29, Nykita 22

Sheep Stations 47 def The Krillers 40
Heidi/Clinton each 11, Shane 14

Beached Az 48 def The Sisters 35
Sam 24, Steve 11

Clownfish 16 def by Brothers 32
Brett 6, Lisa 14

BYE Ducks

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

No games next week due to the Easter break & ANZAC day and we’ll resume with round 11 on the 2nd of May.

Have a great Easter everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Weekly Rule Highlight

When the majority of the ball passes over the black line on back edge of the pool (looking at it in line with the direction of play), then the ball is out.

If it was touched last by a defensive player, a corner (s.12.5) is awarded to the attacking team. If it was last touched by an attacking player, a goal line throw-in (s.12.3) is awarded to the defensive team from the spot the ball went out.

If the umpires can’t determine who touched the ball last, and the players can’t assist in this either, then a neutral ball (s.13) is awarded to the team who’s turn it is to receive the neutral ball, to be taken from the spot the ball went out.