2017-18 S2 Results R3

Thursday 22/02/2018

Sheep Stations 30 def by Sea Serpents 41
Nicole 16, Cole 19

Sharks 30 def Brothers 18
Markus 14, Eliza 8

Clownfish 42 def Ducks 28
Scott 16, Ron/Shane/Nicki each 6

Beached Az 32 def by The Nuts 46
Sam 16, Jemma 42

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

With the conclusion of Round 3, the relaxed rules around fill-ins return to normal again (see section 3 and 6 of the Regulations). So, to remind you; note that all fill-in names should be written into the specific section on the sheet and not directly below the registered players. A fill-in is someone who is not printed on the score sheet. Note to Captains; fill-ins written in the team section of the sheet are not considered as newly registered players until an updated Team Registration Sheet has been submitted.

During Round 4 and subsequent rounds each team must have a minimum of 4 of its own registered players (or forfeit the game – don’t forget you could still play a scratch match with whomever is there).

Scores from registered (with another team) players do not count at all Round 4 onward, so also not towards the total team score (and obviously not be eligible for B & F points for that game).

A non-registered fill-in can score and that score does count towards the team total score, but they will still not be attributed to the players top scoring rankings & not be eligible for B & F points until officially registered with a team (captain updates team sheet and submits with Kyle and Dave).

Duty teams please note that if a registered player scores as a fill-in during round 4 or a later round, and an umpire has not picked this up and signals the score, these scores should not be counted on the score sheet. If you are not sure whether a player is registered with a team or not, then ask the relevant captain and/or umpires ASAP (preferably before game start).


2017-18 S2 Umpiring Roster Finalised

Hope you’re all having a great weekend 🙂

Just a quick note to let the umpires know that the umpiring roster has been finalised and is available on the Roster page.

There are a few gaps, which were unavoidable due to the limited number of umpires. As players, please take that into account when your game is umpired by only one umpire and something gets missed.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please get in touch with Tony.

2017-18 S2 Roster

The roster for 2017-18 Season 2 has been published on the Roster page.

To those teams that haven’t provided team sheets yet, please provide them ASAP.

To the umpires, please note that we’re counting on every umpire (except for Kath and Troy) to continue this season. As is, we’ve already got gaps where we only have 1 umpire, so if others are not umpiring this season Tony and I need to know asap. Hopefully we can find 1 or 2 new umpires in addition to the current umpires, so we can cover all games and avoid situations where fouls etc aren’t seen.

Don’t forget, we have an umpiring meeting this Thursday 8/2 at 6:30pm in the Dive Pool meeting room.

2017-18 S1 Results SF

Thursday 23/11/2017

Brothers 20 def by Clownfish 30
Sam/Lisa each 6

Sea Serpents 22 def by Beached Az 43
Leah 8, Kylie 18

The Grand Finals roster has been published on the Roster page. Kyle’s coming in especially to umpire the second game since we only had one umpire available for it – thanks Kyle!!

2017-18 S1 Results QF

Thursday 16/11/2017

Sea Serpents 34 def by Sharks 48
Clare 14, Markus 16

The Nuts 42 def Brothers 20
Tony 22, Lisa/Matt each 9

Beached Az 56 def Ducks 48
Sam 26, Ron 22

Pink Pirates 27 def by Clownfish 34
Susan/Jen each 8, Brett 16

The Semi Finals roster has been published on the Roster page. John’s coming in especially to umpire the first game since we only had one umpire available for it – thanks John!!

2017-18 S1 Results R14

Thursday 9/11/2017

The Nuts 42 def Clownfish 34
Jemma 36, Brett 20

Ducks 36 def Brothers 35
Ron/Nicki each 8, Jess 13

Beached Az 42 def by Sea Serpents 46
Wes 24, Caitlin 34

Pink Pirates 29 def by Sharks 30
Rob 10, Ellie 12

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

This concludes the regular part of the season and we will now proceed to the Finals period, with the Quarter finals on 16 Nov, Semi Finals on 23 Nov and Grand Finals on 30 Nov. The Finals roster has been published on the Roster page.

Brush up on your understanding of the Regulations (in particular Sections 3.4 and 6.7) and if there are any special arrangements to be made for your team (fill-ins etc), please do so as soon as possible with the captain of the opposing team and a member of the Board.

Thanks everyone for another great season so far and good luck in the finals!

2017-18 S1 Results R10

Thursday 5/10/2017

The Nuts 62 def Beached Az 36
Tony 40, Wes 20

Clownfish 36 def Sea Serpents 34
Brett 18, Cole 22

Pink Pirates 48 def Ducks 30
Rob 22, Ron 8

Sharks 14 def by Brothers 36
Caitlin 8, Jo 14

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Note that next week’s 8:30PM 50M Sea Serpents v Pink Pirates game is cancelled due to a Sea Serpent forfeit. The booking for that timeslot has been cancelled, so the 50m pool baskets should be removed after the 7:45pm game and that pool is not to be used after 8:30pm.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Water Basketball is similar to Basketball in the sense that it’s a non-contact sport, but some contact is unavoidable. It’s the nature of the contact, whether an advantage is gained and the intent that determines whether umpires let it go or whether they cal a contact foul as outlined in Section 15.19-15.23 of the Regulations.

Depending in the severity, intentional contact, such as grabbing, pushing or hitting an opponent can easily be considered a Gross Misconduct/Dangerous Play foul. While sports like Water Polo are more tolerant of these types of fouls, they are unacceptable in Water Basketball. Unlike in regular Basketball though, umpires cannot always see what goes on underwater and as a result, unchecked this behaviour can escalate quite easily into arguments between players and a bad experience for all involved.

This behaviour should be dealt with in an escalating manner (see Section 20 of the Regulations):

  1. We start, normally, by having a conversation with the person involved. Possibly this involves the captain of both teams.
  2. If that is unsuccessful, the Chief Umpire and possibly the Association’s President can be involved to mediate and help resolve the issue.
  3. The final point of escalation is a decision by the Board (or selection thereof if there is a conflict of interest), such as dismissed/not guilty, warning or suspension (possibly indefinite).

Luckily it has never come to that last point, since most players are relaxed and there for a good time or the player in question has stopped playing out of their own accord, but it’s good to be aware of the process nonetheless.