2018-19 S2 Results R11

Thursday 2/05/2019

Sharks 44 def by Beached Az 46
Nykita 26, Alison/Kylie each 14

Clownfish 26 def by Sheep Stations 38
Julie 10, Rob/Greer each 12

Brothers 40 def by The Nuts 44
Anna 18, Tony 22

Ducks 34 def by The Krillers 44
Nicki 16, Sophie 18

BYE The Sisters

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Weekly Rule Highlight

As described in section 7.4 of the Regulations; if a foul is committed and the player being fouled has the advantage or can even just play on immediately without obstruction, the umpires can choose to call “Advantage – Play On” (with or without blowing the whistle first).

“Play On” can also be called if both players committed a light minor foul on each other and neither was truly disadvantaged. So, more like a neutral ball situation created by two players bumping into each other at the same time while trying to get to the ball.

The umpires should ensure that neither player/team is truly disadvantaged in this scenario, and that should be applied even more stringently when the game is close and in the fourth quarter (this is not a rule, but a recommended interpretation).


2018-19 S2 Results R10

Thursday 18/04/2019

The Nuts 69 def Sharks 46
Tony 29, Nykita 22

Sheep Stations 47 def The Krillers 40
Heidi/Clinton each 11, Shane 14

Beached Az 48 def The Sisters 35
Sam 24, Steve 11

Clownfish 16 def by Brothers 32
Brett 6, Lisa 14

BYE Ducks

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No games next week due to the Easter break & ANZAC day and we’ll resume with round 11 on the 2nd of May.

Have a great Easter everyone! 🙂

Weekly Rule Highlight

When the majority of the ball passes over the black line on back edge of the pool (looking at it in line with the direction of play), then the ball is out.

If it was touched last by a defensive player, a corner (s.12.5) is awarded to the attacking team. If it was last touched by an attacking player, a goal line throw-in (s.12.3) is awarded to the defensive team from the spot the ball went out.

If the umpires can’t determine who touched the ball last, and the players can’t assist in this either, then a neutral ball (s.13) is awarded to the team who’s turn it is to receive the neutral ball, to be taken from the spot the ball went out.

2018-19 S2 Results R9

Thursday 11/04/2019

The Krillers 22 def by The Nuts 54
Cole 12, Jemma 38

The Sisters 8 def by Brothers 44
Julie 6, Lisa/Matt/Sam each 8

Sharks 43 drew Ducks 43
Markus/Ellie/Nykita each 12, Nicki 18
Note: due to a scoresheet error the result of this game has been amended to a draw.
Your captains John and Kyle can provide further details.

Beached Az 45 def Sheep Stations 31
Sam 31, Rob/Susan each 12

BYE Clownfish

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Weekly Rule Highlight

As explained in section 2.3 of the Regulations, players are responsible for removing or covering jewellery and other articles that can cause injury, prior to the game (e.g. watches, rings, bracelets etc.). Since the wearing of small items of jewellery is very difficult to spot by an umpire, your cooperation in this is important.

The umpire will assess and have the final say in whether wearing jewellery during the game presents a danger to any player (including the person wearing it) and if so, the item must either be removed or thoroughly covered with waterproof/resistant tape (e.g. piercing). If that is refused or not possible, the player can be excluded from the game.

2018-19 S2 Results R8

Thursday 4/04/2019

Brothers 41 def The Krillers 34
Lisa 19, Cole 12

Ducks 39 def Sheep Stations 29
Andrew 15, Dee 16

The Nuts 48 def Clownfish 38
Tony 30, Shaun 16

Sharks 46 def The Sisters 25
Nykita 26, Steve 19

BYE Beached Az

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Weekly Rule Highlight

While not often called, minor foul 15.4 “To take or hold the entire ball under the water for more than 2 consecutive seconds.” is still something to be aware of. Quite often, players will briefly push the ball underwater in order to stabilise and/or push themselves up a bit just after obtaining possession. That’s fine and generally doesn’t take longer than a couple of seconds.

Similarly, rule 15.18 stipulates that a player can’t swim (interpreted as can’t be; i.e. whether in motion or static) underwater for more than 2 consecutive seconds. This sometimes happens when players get tangled up or someone has to retrieve a fin, but very rarely with the intention to hide from other players.

An umpire is most likely to enforce these rules when the player gains an unfair advantage in the process.

2018-19 S2 Results R7

Thursday 28/03/2019

Sheep Stations 32 def by Brothers 50
Heidi 15, Lisa/Anna each 16

Clownfish 38 def The Sisters 23
Brett 10, Steve 9

The Krillers 52 def Beached Az 42
Cole 24, Wes 14

The Nuts 38 def Ducks 26
Troy 20, Nicki 14

BYE Sharks

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Weekly Rule Highlight

Only 2 players of each team are allowed to occupy any space within each 2 meter area (see 15.8 and 15.9 of the Regulations). Note that you are also considered to be within the 2 meter area if your body is outside it but you reach into the area to grab the ball.

For full details on the rule, see a previous post, but to highlight the things to do when this foul is called in the offensive team’s favour:

  • The player with the ball at the time (or nearest if no possession) gets to take the free throw.
  • You must take the free throw either on the spot that player was on at the time of the foul call, OR, directly in front of the basket on the 2-meter line. It’s your choice and you should make your decision clear to players and umpires.
  • If you take the free throw in the 2-meter area (on the line is also considered in the 2-meter area), then only 1 other player from your team can be in the 2-meter area.
  • From the free throw spot (you may be called back if not on the designated spot), you may shoot, pass or swim.
    • If you swim, the umpires will call Play On and the defenders may resume defending.

2018-19 S2 Results R6

Thursday 21/03/2019

The Sisters 35 def by Sheep Stations 44
Steve 15, Greer 18

Beached Az 44 def Ducks 33
Sam 16, Nicki 16

Brothers 0 forfeited to Sharks 20

The Krillers 26 drew Clownfish 26
Shane/Clare/Carrie each 6, Scott 12

BYE The Nuts

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Weekly Rule Highlight

This week, we’re looking at 3 rules that are broken from time to time but since they’re minor infractions and not always enforced by the umpires, a reminder will be useful.

  1. All substitutions (and late entries during game time) must be made from the interchange area through the centre/halfway line (S.5).
  2. To start the game, the player from the team that starts with the ball must pass the ball from centre point (no swimming before pass). Rules S.9 & S.15.1 allow for some ambiguity/interpretation but basically mean that the umpire starts play by blowing the whistle, the ball must be passed from the centre point and that no player may be on the opposing side of the pool prior to the umpire blowing the whistle to start the game. At that point however, the other players may cross the centre line without having to wait for the initial pass to be completed.
  3. Players are not allowed to push off the pool walls or stand on the base line ledge during game time (S.15.3), unless that player is injured or ill (S.15.3.1).

2018-19 S2 Results R5

Thursday 14/03/2019

Ducks 26 def by The Sisters 44
Andrew/Marlyce each 10, Steve 36

Sharks 40 def Clownfish 30
Nykita 24, Natalie 18

Sheep Stations 17 def by The Nuts 50
Dee 10, Tony 28

Brothers 36 def by Beached Az 37
Anna 20, Sam 17

BYE The Krillers

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Weekly Rule Highlight

Highlighting a few aspects of Free Throws this week.

A goal may be scored directly from any Free Throw except for the Neutral Ball (must pass first).

During a Free Throw (including the Restart Throw-in, which occurs after a score), opposing players within 2 meters may not contest the ball (i.e. defend). In accordance with 14.7.1, players may be no closer than 1 meter from the player taking the free throw. However, this is not always enforced when it concerns space limitations in the 2 meter area and/or the shooter is clearly not hindered in his/her actions or there is advantage in being able to play on quickly. The main thing umpires look for is that you do not defend the free throw.

If the quarter ends before the Free Throw can be taken (for all except Neutral Ball), then the relevant player may still take the shot at goal. This is of course without further movement, e.g. if it concerns a Corner Throw-in then the shot needs to be taken from the corner.

A final thing to emphasise with regards to Corner Throw-ins, is that they are in fact Free Throws and they work similarly. From a Corner you are allowed to pass, swim and score directly, without having to pass the ball to another player first.