Umpiring Roster Updated

The umpiring roster has been updated with 3 more rounds and the remainder of the season will follow in the next few weeks.

Also, a reminder that with the conclusion of Round 3, the relaxed rules around fill-ins return to normal again (see section 3 and 6 of the Regulations). Note that all fill-in names should be written into the specific section on the sheet and not directly below the registered players. A fill-in is someone who is not printed on the score sheet. Note to Captains; fill-ins written in the team section of the sheet are not considered as newly registered players until an updated Team Registration Sheet has been submitted.

During Round 4 and subsequent rounds each team must have a minimum of 4 of its own registered players (or forfeit the game – don’t forget you could still play a scratch match with whomever is there). Note that with the DKHAC pool space booking process any booking not cancelled with at least 10 days notice is non-refundable. In other words, lost pool time & fees.

Scores from registered (with another team) players do not count at all Round 4 onwards, so also not towards the total team score (and obviously not be eligible for B & F points for that game). A non-registered fill-in can score and that score will count towards the team total score, but they will not be attributed to the players top scoring rankings & not be eligible for B & F points until officially registered with a team (captain updates team sheet and submits with Kyle and Dave).

Duty teams please note that if a registered player scores as a fill-in during round 4 or a later round, and an umpire has not picked this up and signals the score, these scores should not be counted on the score sheet. If you are not sure whether a player is registered with a team or not, then ask the relevant captain and/or umpires ASAP (preferably before game start).

2016-17 S2 Results R3

Thursday 23/2/2017

Ducks 34 def by Sharks 40
Cole 16, Ellie 14

Clownfish 30 def Pink Pirates 20
Julie 10, Chris/Clinton each 6

Brothers 38 def Sea Snakes 22
Anna 16, Caitlin 10

Beached Az 28 def by The Nuts 48
Alison 16, Jemma 36

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

A quick update with regards to last week’s incident where someone jumped from the dive tower into a water basketball game in progress. The DKHAC general manager called me the following day to let us know that DKHAC takes the incident very seriously and that CCTV footage was being reviewed with the aim to take action against the person(s) involved and possibly look into improving security around the dive tower. No further news since.

Rule Highlight of the Week

Highlighting a few aspects of Free Throws this week; a goal may be scored directly from a Free Throw (including Corner Throw-in). You are however, not allowed to score directly from a Neutral Ball (must pass first).

During a Free Throw (including the Restart Throw-in, which occurs after a score), opposing players within 2 meters may not contest the ball (i.e. defend).

In accordance with 14.7.1, players may be no closer than 1 meter from the player taking the free throw. However, this is not always enforced when it concerns space limitations in the 2 meter area and/or the shooter is clearly not hindered in his/her actions or there is advantage in being able to play on quickly. The main thing umpires look for is that you do not defend the free throw.

If the quarter ends before the Free Throw can be taken (for fouls and corners only), then the relevant player may still take the shot at goal. This is of course without further movement, e.g. if it concerns a Corner Throw-in then the shot needs to be taken from the corner.

2016-17 S2 Results R2

Thursday 16/2/2017

Clownfish 27 def by Brothers 32
Julie 8, Lisa 12

Pink Pirates 32 def Beached Az 26
Jen 12, Alison 12

Sea Snakes 44 def by Sharks 52
Caitlin 20, Kyrin 24

The Nuts 48 def Ducks 36
Jemma 28, Cole 22

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

During the Nuts v Ducks game some random teenager jumped from one of the diving platforms into the pool during the game and landed close to a few of the players. Luckily no one was hurt, but that could have easily turned out differently. The boy and his friends were spoken to and eventually ejected from the centre. In the 10 or so years I’ve played the game this has not happened, so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about; but we will be following this up with DKHAC to see what can be done to tighten up on this and also to agree on what to do when something like this happens. Last night it took everyone by surprise, so it took a bit longer to get to the right result.

Rule Highlight of the Week

Whenever a player takes any kind of free throw (regular free throw, neutral ball, goal line throw in (after score), corner, side line (after ball goes out), penalty) no player within 2 metres of the player taking the Free Throw may contest (defend) the taking of the throw or obstruct mechanics of the throw in any way (14.7).

While defending players may be closer to the person taking the free throw when they don’t defend the throw, the player taking the free throw should be given sufficient space to take the free throw without interference.

Active defense of the player taking the free throw may only resume once the free throw has been taken or after the umpire has called ‘Play On’.

2016-17 S2 Results R1

Thursday 9/2/2017

The Nuts 54 def Pink Pirates 24
Tony 32, Rob 10

Brothers 20 def by Ducks 43
Lisa 10, Clare 13

Sharks 52 def Beached Az 34
Ellie 24, Alison/Sam each 12

Clownfish 32 def Sea Snakes 26
Brett 8, Caitlin 18

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

Captains, please encourage any new players to subscribe to this website (top of right sidebar) so that they are notified by email when something is posted (results, roster changes, etc). They can unsubscribe at any time.

Rule Highlight of the Week

As explained in section 2.3 of the Regulations, players must remove jewellery and other articles likely to cause injury prior to the game (e.g. watches, rings, bracelets etc.).

The umpire will assess and have the final say in whether wearing jewellery during the game presents a danger to any player (including the person wearing it) and if so, the item must either be removed or thoroughly covered with waterproof/resistant tape (e.g. piercing). If that is refused or not possible, the player can be excluded from the game.

2016-17 S2 Roster

The full roster, featuring the same 8 teams as last season, for the second season of the 2016-17 financial year has been published on the Roster page.

Umpiring has been scheduled for the first 3 rounds, in case there are any changes to the umpiring line-up and/or availability, and the rest will be added by end of week 2. Any questions or concerns regarding umpiring, please contact John asap.

As usual, the full (financial) year planner, which shows game & no game weeks, is available at the bottom of the Roster page as well. The Grand Final takes places on 15 June, followed by the Water Basketball Tasmania event of the year <insert trumpet call> on the 17th of June.

Please keep the evening of 17/6 free in your calendars for dinner (with a few awards thrown in). We would like to make this a fun evening for all players and see all teams solidly represented there, which at that time of the year and with this much notice should be achievable. More details regarding the event will be posted here as the season progresses.

If you haven’t already captains, please submit your updated team sheets to me by email no later than Wednesday 8 Feb. Just list the confirmed players for now and we can add further players when you submit your updated team sheet later on. Kyle and I have to manage the stats which is a fair bit of (volunteer) work, so we need to have an up-to-date view of confirmed (not potential) players and cap numbers, if you have your own caps, at the start of the competition. Don’t forget, players are only added to the printed score sheet after submitting an updated team sheet (not by writing them on the score sheet on the night).

Lastly, we strongly recommend that all players brush up on their understanding of the Regulations. Umpires still regularly have to explain simple things like how/where to take a free throw after a 3-in-the-2-meter area foul, even to experienced players, which is difficult to do shouting across the pool. Also, have a quick read of what’s expected of the Duty teams and how to complete the Score Sheet.

Have a great season everyone!


2016-17 S2 Come & Try Night

We’re kicking off the new year again with a Come & Try night on the 2nd of February, at 7:30pm in the Dive Pool. To those new to the game, come and check it out and to existing players, bring your friends along :-). Remember, the season starts the following week on 9 February, so now’s the time to give it a go!

Pool entry is free, just mention at Reception that you’re there for the Water Basketball Come & Try night. We also have caps and fins available, but if you have your own (regular sized, not scuba) fins then we recommend you bring those.

If you’d like to print the below flyer (for yourself or to help out by giving it to friends, posting it at your work, etc.) then click on the pdf image below (Adobe Reader required).


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas!