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Last updated: Wednesday, 5 September 2018

WB Rules and Regulations Version September 5 2018

Team Registration Sheet

As noted under Section 3.3, each team captain is required to submit a completed Team Registration Sheet prior to each season and, if there are any changes, an updated Team Sheet should be submitted during the season. Team Sheets are submitted to the Board Statistics member.

Team Registration Sheet Template

Score Sheet
Besides setting up all equipment well before the start of the first games and removing it after the completion of the last, the Duty Teams are also responsible for completion of the Score sheet. Note that the score sheet is the authoritative source regarding points. In other words, if the score board differs from the score sheet, it will be adjusted to what is on the score sheet. This also means, that the responsibility of the score keeper is highest and should focus on the game and umpires to ensure that all scores are correctly counted.

It is the responsibility of each team to ensure their cap numbers are correctly entered, prior to game start. However, it is up to the Duty members to double-check this and if needed, to correct. There is a specific manner in which the score sheet must be completed, as shown in the below example. Short explanations are given there, with more information in the regulations. Should you however still have questions, please ask one of the umpires well before the game starts.

Scoresheet Example

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