R Date Time Pool Dark Light Duty Umpire 1 Umpire 2
1 09-Feb-17 7:45 50M The Nuts Pink Pirates Sharks Dave G. John
7:45 Dive Brothers Ducks Sharks Brett
8:30 50M Sharks Beached Az The Nuts Dave V. Craig
8:30 Dive Clownfish Sea Snakes The Nuts Tony Kyle
2 16-Feb-17 7:45 50M Clownfish Brothers Sea Snakes John Tony
7:45 Dive Pink Pirates Beached Az Sea Snakes Kyle Dave V.
8:30 50M Sea Snakes Sharks Pink Pirates Jen Brett
8:30 Dive The Nuts Ducks Pink Pirates Craig Kath
3 23-Feb-17 7:45 50M Ducks Sharks Brothers Dave V. Craig
7:45 Dive Clownfish Pink Pirates Brothers Tony Kath
8:30 50M Brothers Sea Snakes Ducks Ron John
8:30 Dive Beached Az The Nuts Ducks Dave G. Jen
4 02-Mar-17 7:45 50M Sea Snakes Beached Az Pink Pirates Jen Brett
7:45 Dive The Nuts Sharks Pink Pirates Kyle Ron
8:30 50M Ducks Clownfish Sea Snakes John Dave V.
8:30 Dive Pink Pirates Brothers Sea Snakes Tony
5 09-Mar-17 7:45 50M Brothers The Nuts Beached Az Dave G. Jen
7:45 Dive Ducks Sea Snakes Beached Az Brett John
8:30 50M Beached Az Clownfish Brothers Tony Kath
8:30 Dive Pink Pirates Sharks Brothers Kyle
6 16-Mar-17 7:45 50M Beached Az Ducks Clownfish Brett
7:45 Dive Sharks Brothers Clownfish Tony Dave G.
8:30 50M Clownfish The Nuts Ducks Craig John
8:30 Dive Sea Snakes Pink Pirates Ducks Kath Kyle
7 23-Mar-17 7:45 50M Sharks Clownfish Pink Pirates Craig Kath
7:45 Dive Sea Snakes The Nuts Pink Pirates Jen Kyle
8:30 50M Pink Pirates Ducks Sharks Brett John
8:30 Dive Brothers Beached Az Sharks Tony
8 30-Mar-17 7:45 50M Pink Pirates Sea Snakes The Nuts Tony Kath
7:45 Dive Beached Az Clownfish The Nuts Ron Craig
8:30 50M The Nuts Ducks Clownfish Jen
8:30 Dive Sharks Brothers Clownfish Brett
9 06-Apr-17 7:45 50M Sharks Beached Az Brothers Dave G. Kath
7:45 Dive Sea Snakes Ducks Brothers Dave V. Craig
8:30 50M Brothers The Nuts Sharks Kyle Ron
8:30 Dive Pink Pirates Clownfish Sharks John
10 27-Apr-17 7:45 50M The Nuts Clownfish Beached Az Kath Craig
7:45 Dive Sharks Sea Snakes Beached Az Jen Kyle
8:30 50M Beached Az Brothers The Nuts Brett Tony
8:30 Dive Ducks Pink Pirates The Nuts John Dave V.
11 04-May-17 7:45 50M Brothers Ducks Sea Snakes Dave G. John
7:45 Dive Pink Pirates The Nuts Sea Snakes Brett
8:30 50M Sea Snakes Beached Az Brothers Kyle Ron
8:30 Dive Clownfish Sharks Brothers Dave V. Craig
12 11-May-17 7:45 50M Beached Az Pink Pirates Ducks John Ron
7:45 Dive Clownfish Brothers Ducks Tony Dave V.
8:30 50M Ducks Sharks Beached Az Brett Craig
8:30 Dive Sea Snakes The Nuts Beached Az Jen Kath
13 25-May-17 7:45 50M Clownfish Ducks Pink Pirates Kath John
7:45 Dive The Nuts Beached Az Pink Pirates Craig Jen
8:30 50M Pink Pirates Sharks Clownfish Dave V. Kyle
8:30 Dive Brothers Sea Snakes Clownfish Brett Ron
14 1-Jun-17 7:45 50M The Nuts Sharks Beached Az Dave G. Kyle
7:45 Dive Brothers Pink Pirates Beached Az Brett Ron
8:30 50M Clownfish Sea Snakes Sharks Tony Kath
8:30 Dive Beached Az Ducks Sharks Dave V. Jen

Quarter finals 8 June, Semi finals 15 June and Grand final 22 June. Winter Water Basketball Dinner 24 June.

See the 2016 Water Basketball Planner for the full 2016-17 schedule.

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