R Date Time Pool Dark Light Duty Umpire 1 Umpire 2
QF 22-Nov-18 7:45 50M The Sisters Ducks Beached Az Rob Dean
7:45 Dive The Nuts Sharks Beached Az Brett Kylie
8:30 50M Beached Az Brothers The Sisters Dave Kyle
8:30 Dive Sheep Stations Clownfish The Sisters Tony John
SF 29-Nov-18 7:45 Dive Sharks Brothers Ducks Brett Kyle
8:30 Dive Clownfish Ducks Brothers John Craig
GF 06-Dec-18 7:45 Dive The Nuts Brothers Sheep Stations Brett Dean/Jen
8:45 Dive Sheep Stations Clownfish The Nuts Tony Dean/Dave

See the Water Basketball Planner for the full 2018-19 schedule.

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