Best & Fairest Results

Best & Fairest points are awarded by the umpires after each game, based primarily on the following criteria:

Best: based on playing performance

  • Shows outstanding skill
  • Has an important impact on the outcome of the game
  • Instigates and/or contributes significantly to good team play

Fairest: based on ‘fair play’

  • Good sportsmanship, team player and plays within the spirit of the game
  • Behaves respectfully and courteously towards umpires and players

Results as at the completion of 2016-17 S1. This page will be updated/refreshed at the end of each regular season.

Team Player B&F Points
Beached Az Alyce Francis 22
Sea Snakes Caitlin Barber 21
The Nuts Jemma Dazeley 20
Brothers Kath Fry 14
Ducks Out of Water Cole Dabner 13
Brothers Anna Harris 12
Clownfish Dave Griffiths 12
Pink Pirates Chris Waugh 11
Pink Pirates Jen Welch 11
Sharks Markus Bucher 11
The Nuts Jason Squibb 10
The Nuts Tony Edmondson 10
Clownfish Brett Ring 9
Ducks Out of Water Clare Cromarty 8
Brothers Sam Christensen 8
Pink Pirates Stewart Wilde 8
Sea Snakes Inala Swart 7
Beached Az Lisa Dobson 7
Ducks Out of Water Sophie Mummery 7
Pink Pirates Susan Austin 6
Ducks Out of Water Carrie Waterston 5
Pink Pirates Clinton Jordan 5
Sharks Ellie Bucher 5
Sharks Kyrin Pregnell 5
Sea Snakes Leah Penfold 5
Pink Pirates Mel Thirgood 5
Sharks Pete Woolford 5
Beached Az Sam Scandrett 5
The Nuts Troy Morrisby 5
The Nuts Dave van ‘t Veld 4
Pink Pirates Rob Mann 4
Beached Az Alison Scandrett 3
Brothers Ben Gardner 3
Clownfish Kate Nunn 3
Ducks Out of Water Kyle Spooner 3
Brothers Lisa Denny 3
Ducks Out of Water Ron Petrusma 3
Clownfish Scott Marriott 3
The Nuts Taryn Noble 3
Ducks Out of Water Jayden Petrusma 2
Sea Snakes John Cooper 2
Clownfish Julie Mc 2
Clownfish Kate Tyson 2
Beached Az Kylie Sih 2
The Nuts Lauren Wilde 2
Sea Snakes Madeline Southy 2
Clownfish Rene’ Reinfrank 2
Sharks Ann Jennings 1
Beached Az Daniel Sih 1
Pink Pirates Greer Carland 1
Beached Az Greg Evans 1
Clownfish Jamie Cleeland 1
The Nuts Jo Edmondson 1
Sharks John Morrisby 1
Clownfish Maggie Lenoxx 1
Ducks Out of Water Melissa Finlayson 1
Brothers Mitchell Blackburn 1

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