2016-17 S2 Roster Update

DKHAC has been given the opportunity to host the Australian Water Polo Country Championships from 17th May to 21st May 2017. To accommodate the schedule for this championship they have needed to change a number of bookings, including our 18 May game night.

So, no games on 18 May and the remainder of the roster has been pushed out by 1 week. This means the regular part of the season now ends on 1 June, the finals weeks are on 8, 15 and 22 June, and our club dinner will be on 24 June (please mark in your calendars).

Umpires, should this change present any difficulties, please get in touch with John asap.

Lastly, a reminder that we’re heading into the Easter break. So no games this week or next and we’ll resume with Round 10 on 27 April.

Hope you enjoy the Easter break 🙂

2016-17 S2 Roster

The full roster, featuring the same 8 teams as last season, for the second season of the 2016-17 financial year has been published on the Roster page.

Umpiring has been scheduled for the first 3 rounds, in case there are any changes to the umpiring line-up and/or availability, and the rest will be added by end of week 2. Any questions or concerns regarding umpiring, please contact John asap.

As usual, the full (financial) year planner, which shows game & no game weeks, is available at the bottom of the Roster page as well. The Grand Final takes places on 15 June, followed by the Water Basketball Tasmania event of the year <insert trumpet call> on the 17th of June.

Please keep the evening of 17/6 free in your calendars for dinner (with a few awards thrown in). We would like to make this a fun evening for all players and see all teams solidly represented there, which at that time of the year and with this much notice should be achievable. More details regarding the event will be posted here as the season progresses.

If you haven’t already captains, please submit your updated team sheets to me by email no later than Wednesday 8 Feb. Just list the confirmed players for now and we can add further players when you submit your updated team sheet later on. Kyle and I have to manage the stats which is a fair bit of (volunteer) work, so we need to have an up-to-date view of confirmed (not potential) players and cap numbers, if you have your own caps, at the start of the competition. Don’t forget, players are only added to the printed score sheet after submitting an updated team sheet (not by writing them on the score sheet on the night).

Lastly, we strongly recommend that all players brush up on their understanding of the Regulations. Umpires still regularly have to explain simple things like how/where to take a free throw after a 3-in-the-2-meter area foul, even to experienced players, which is difficult to do shouting across the pool. Also, have a quick read of what’s expected of the Duty teams and how to complete the Score Sheet.

Have a great season everyone!


2016-17 S1 Results SF

Thursday 24/11/2016

Pink Pirates 36 def Ducks 28
Clinton 16, Cole 14

Sharks 26 def by Clownfish 31
Markus 14, Chris 11

The Grand Finals roster is now available on the Roster page.

Reminder: The end-of-season get-together and awards presentations BBQ will be at the Waterworks Site 1 on Saturday 3 Dec, starting from 11:30am onward with the ‘formalities’ taking place around 1:00pm. It would be great to see as many people there as possible and catch up with people away from the pool deck. BYO food & drinks and the whole family is welcome!

2016-17 S1 Results QF

Thursday 17/11/2016

Beached Az 48 def Sharks 40
Alison 20, Markus 22

The Nuts 50 def Pink Pirates 20
Jemma 22, Rob 8

Sea Snakes 22 def by Clownfish 32
Caitlin 14, Dave 10

Ducks 40 def Brothers 34
Cole 14, Mitchell 10

The Semi Finals roster is now available on the Roster page.

Reminder: The end-of-season get-together and awards presentations BBQ will be at the Waterworks Site 1 on Saturday 3 Dec, starting from 11:30am onward with the ‘formalities’ taking place around 1:00pm. It would be great to see as many people there as possible and catch up with people away from the pool deck. BYO food & drinks and the whole family is welcome!

2016-17 S1 Results R14

Thursday 10/11/2016

The Nuts 60 def Pink Pirates 42
Tony 32, Rob 11

Brothers 32 def Ducks 30
Lisa 14, Cole/Sophie/Melissa each 6

Clownfish 26 def by Sea Snakes 34
Dave/Brett/Chris/Julie each 6, Inala 16

Beached Az 48 def Sharks 40
Alison 20, Kyrin 14

The ladder and top scoring rankings have also been updated under Statistics.

We now head into the 3-week finals period, starting with the Quarter Finals next week as detailed on the updated Roster page.

There is sufficient interest in the end-of-season get-together and awards presentations so that’s going ahead with a BBQ at the Waterworks Site 1 on 3 Dec, starting from 11:30am – 12pm onward. BYO food & drinks and the whole family is welcome!

Rule Highlight of the Week

With the Finals starting next week it is important that everyone gives each other the best opportunity to do well and enjoy themselves. This means that:

  • Any fill-in arrangements have been sorted out with the opposing team captain and at least 1 board member well before the game;
  • the Duty team sets up, is present on time and pays attention to scores and time during the game;
  • the score sheet is ready to go with any questions answered before the start of the game;
  • umpires are on time and pay attention to the game, double-checking the score sheet during breaks;
  • players/teams are ready to start on time, without having to have been asked more than once (during finals, late teams may be penalised with a turn-over free throw to the other team);
  • players have read and know the rules, so they don’t need to be explained during the game;
  • all players are respectful of each other and those volunteering as umpires and duty team members.

Good luck in the finals!! 🙂


No games this week

This is just a reminder that there are no games this week due to DKHAC’s hosting of the Girls 16&U National Water Polo Championships.

Games will resume in Round 10 next week 6 October.

2016-17 S1 Roster

It’s great to see that all 8 teams have been able to commit to the new season and I’m happy to report that the Board has achieved a lot during the break and we’re now in a position where we can continue to enjoy playing water basketball.

The year planning will be by financial year from now on, to coincide with DKHAC’s planning and fee schedule. This means the upcoming season is the 1st season of the 2016-17 financial year; see the bottom of the roster page for the updated year planner.

The roster for the 2016-17 Season 1 commences this Thursday 28/7 at 7:30pm (for the usual 7:45pm game start) and has been published on the Roster page, including the first 5 rounds of umpiring roster. Umpires, as usual, please discuss any scheduling issues with John asap. There may come a time during this season or the next where we need to shift to a 7pm start, but I’ll let you know at least a month in advance when/if that time comes. For the time being it’s business as usual.

Water Basketball Tasmania is now an Incorporated Association, owning (and responsible for) all its equipment and we are required to pay DKHAC for pool hire in advance, which is why we’re asking you to pay your membership fees in advance. I won’t go into detail here, but if you would like to know more, please talk to your team captain whom has been provided with full information.

Please transfer your fees to your team captain, who will transfer them to the Association’s bank account as soon as that has been established. To be clear, all of your fees will go towards payment of pool hire, insurance, equipment and whatever we can put towards keeping the competition healthy and enjoyable.

We also have updated Board, Captains and Umpires lists. Captains, please provide your updated Team Registration Sheets to Alison, Kyle and/or myself asap.

Lastly, we are planning a big end of year social function mid-2017 after the second season (see year planner), since that is a nice end to the (water basketball) year and having it then will not conflict with the busy December month. We originally planned a social function on 3 December as well, but we’d like to talk to players and captains a bit more about that over the next few weeks (whether people can make it and if so what kind of event).

Have a great season and if you have any questions, please talk to a board member.